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Eleggua is the Orisha gatekeeper of the savannah and the sight that follows a path, considered as the messenger of the gods and the first protection, and today we show you what are the characteristics of the sons of Eleggua.

He is in charge of the pathways and every human being who inhabits this world, the crossroads and opportunities to come; He opens and closes the doors He deems necessary, in order to guide the individual to find steadiness and unfoldment.

Knowing Eleggua is of utmost importance and even more so if you are starting your spiritual path in the Regla de Osha, and it is for this reason that today we have not only come to talk to you about this great Orisha.

But we have also grouped the characteristics of Eleggua’s children together, we are not trying to generalise or say that all Omo Eleggua are like this.

We must also take into account that due to his intelligence, Eleggua was granted the privilege of being the first Orisha to be attended to in the Regla de Osha.

But for the most part, we can say that these are governed by certain characteristics and similarities to this powerful Orisha, which we will show you below.

Eleggua, the Orisha the key to our destinies in the Regla de Osha 

Eleggua is known to be the gatekeeper not only of the savannah, but of the bush as well; in nature it is symbolised by the rocks that form it.

  • His number is 3 and his favourite colours are red and black. 
  • Your appointment day is Monday, and on the 3rd of each month. 
  • As for syncretism, it is said to be compared to the Holy Child of Atocha. 
  • The day of its celebration is June 13th. 
  • Your Greeting is: Maferefun, Laroyè Eleggua

It should be noted that, unlike many other children of Orisha, the children of Eleggua are often the recipients of many negative qualities, with which they must bear.

On many occasions they are accused of being quarrelsome and lacking in morals, but we must say that the reality is different; they are wonderful people and like everyone else in this world they have faults.

But yes, Eleggua’s children possess many characteristics that allow them to be sweet-natured, charismatic and touching when they want to be.

Characteristics of (Omo) sons of Eleggua 

Such are the children of Eleggua, an Orisha who is characterised by his attitude, intelligence and ability to get out of difficult problems.

Their temperament is somewhat explosive when provoked, they are highly eloquent and extroverted; they do not come to a place without attracting attention.

They are talkative by nature, possessing the ability to communicate and make themselves understood when a situation is not to their liking, and tend to be extremely persuasive when it comes to convincing someone.

In terms of studies, Eleggua’s children are doing very well in the following fields:

  • Political science 
  • Advertising and Marketing 
  • Social Communication, and all the branches that have to do with these careers…

They are very restless people, so they love walking, travelling, being away from home and going to many different places.

The children of Eleggua are characterised by great agility and mental acuity, they are very social, their mentality is broad and flexible, characteristics that are of great help in their studies.

Their actions and thoughts sometimes resemble those of a child, as they are creative, curious and restless; they get bored easily and need constant change in their work and life.

Eleggua’s children have a character that is very changeable, and without any problem their moods can vary very easily.

They are fascinated by attracting attention, giving opinions, receiving compliments and causing admiration in others around them.

Eleggua’s children in love and relationships 

In love, Eleggua’s children are bored by the everyday, unstable and are constantly looking for new challenges to motivate them in their daily lives.

They do not like to compromise easily, hate compromises and therefore avoid them at all costs; this often causes them to be unhappy.

Due to their restless and indomitable spirit, Eleggua’s children are characterised by being incredible entrepreneurs, thus being able to identify good opportunities from which they can make the most of.

Their innate communicator status makes them stand out from the rest, their ability to explain ideas is something incredible and is one of their strengths which they make the most of.