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Attention to our ancestors must occupy a place of importance in our homes and hearts, and to achieve such an important task in the Regla de Osha we use the well known Spiritual Vault.

You should bear in mind that the deceased are those who help us to continue our journey along the path of life.

Spiritual Vault What is
Spiritual Vault What is it?

It is for this reason that in the Yoruba Religion the Egguns, also known as the ancient departed, are also venerated with multiple attentions.

Spending time with them, offering them offerings, talking to them and above all caring for them through the Spiritual Vault is one of the essential elements.

Nowadays, as we have already mentioned throughout this article, the best known resource among santeros to worship the deceased is the well-known Bóveda Espiritual (Spiritual Vault).

In simple terms, this consists of a table, which should be covered with a white tablecloth and glass beakers completely filled with water.

It should be noted that each of these glass vessels represents a deceased person or spirit to whom the santero has great devotion; in addition to this, photos or drawings of the ancestors are placed on the table.

Features you should know about a Spiritual Vault

First of all we must talk about the location of the Spiritual Vault within our home, it must be located in a place in our home that you are specifying:

  • Away from the toilets 
  • The space must be clean and uncluttered 
  • No rooms may be close to the same room 

It is in this way that the spirits will always be present in the life of the whole family, without causing problems; on the contrary, providing protection, and watching over the happiness of all the inhabitants of the home.

On the other hand, the water in the cups in the Spiritual Vault represents an element of communication with all our ancestors and protective spirits.

In addition to the vessels we have already mentioned, the Spiritual Vault can also be used as offerings:

  • Coffee 
  • White flowers 
  • Aguardiente 
  • Fruits 
  • Lit tobaccos on a white plate 
  • Sweets that are pleasing to our spirits, among others…

Importance of the Spiritual Vault in the spiritual growth of all religious

The Spiritual Vault is used among believers of the Yoruba Religion as a receptacle of energy accumulated by all our ancestors.

All this energy can be used by the person to whom the vault belongs, either for their own benefit or for the benefit of all their close loved ones.

Its importance lies in the fact that through the Spiritual Vault we can communicate with our ancestors and spirit guides; we can say that it is a portal between two worlds.

 It is a way of connecting and getting all their advice to reach us, getting their light to protect us as we walk on the earthly plane.

In our vault there should also be placed a cup in the centre of our table, which is dedicated to the great power of God, placing a crucifix inside it.

Important note:

Not everyone is entitled to set up a Spiritual Vault, and in order to have one you need the approval of the egguns.

In case you want to know if you need to have a vault to attend to your dead, it is necessary to go to a spiritualist to carry out a spiritual mass.

Through this important ceremony, you will be able to get to know who are your protective spirits, guides and ancestors who accompany you.

Don’t let yourself be deceived by false promises, remember that in this religion he who studies has arguments, he who doesn’t only repeats!

You should keep in mind at all times that the attentions and offerings that you leave in the Spiritual Vault help the spirit to feel wellbeing, tranquillity and that it has not been forgotten on the earthly plane.

Observe the different positions of the Spiritual Vault.

The positions of the Spiritual Vault would be three:

  • Rest: Protection and care for the household and household members is requested.
  • Defence: With the help of this position, we ask that it protects us from damage caused by the enemy.
  • Attack: This position reveals in some way that we need the help of the spirits to solve some problematic situation and therefore fight in our favour.

There is no doubt about the importance of the Spiritual Vault in the Yoruba Religion, therefore we must know how to attend to it and what we can offer to the spirits so as not to disrespect them.