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Considered as one of the objects of power of the Orisha owner of the Eleggua roads. The doodle has great spiritual significance and offers great religious powers. 

The Eleggua doodle is from the guava tree and measures on average 37 inches; it is decorated with black and red ribbons, these colours are representative of the Orisha.

Its creation, ornaments and material depend on the religious person who owns it and depending on where it is located; since in some countries the guava tree is not found and can be substituted by a stronger and more powerful stick if elegua so decides. 

It is also believed that Eleggua, the owner of the roads, uses it when he goes down to earth, and uses it to make his way through the bush and its undergrowth; clearing the roads and removing from them everything that hinders him and prevents him from moving forward. 

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The Eleggua doodle and its usage

  • It helps us to cleanse our home and business of any negative energy that may exist in it and to remove that which disturbs and disturbs us. 
  • It also provides protection against negative energies that are around us. 
  • It drives away enemies, evil, envy, evil eye, among other bad energies. 
  • It attracts positive vibes when used, opens the way, gives us new opportunities and directs us to good paths. 
Squiggle of eleggua

How to use it? 

First we begin by asking permission from Eleggua, after that we make movements from top to bottom, asking for your prosperity, health and well-being. 

When you use it you have to visualise what you want to attract, and ask Eleggua out loud:

My Father Eleggua, with your permission I use your doodle to open the paths for me to achieve stability in my life, harmony, abundance and health that I need and that you have for me, thank you father Eleggua. 

After asking and talking to Eleggua, the doodle is placed on top of Eleggua, a little bit of tobacco smoke and rum must be blown every Monday, and a white candle must be lit.

It should be noted that faith is important when making any request to our Orisha. They will always be willing to help us as long as the request is made with good intentions and respect.