Works at the foot of Eleggua

3 works at the foot of Eleggua to open roads

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Eleggua in the Yoruba religion is the smallest saint, but he is the most respected. That’s why doing works at the foot of Eleggua is very fundamental and effective.

Faith is something primordial, it is what moves everything possible, that is why we always recommend that whatever you are going to do, do it with love and faith so that you will see how all your paths will always be open. 

In our lives there will always come events and situations that make us lose the will to continue fighting, you have to bear in mind that we must not reach that point. 

It is good that whenever you have a problem you go to your saints to ask for help; do works at the foot of Eleggua and ask for some advice but when you solve it you should also remember them; finally thank them for giving you strength and helping you. 

It should be noted that to do these works at the foot of Eleggua or Eshu you do not necessarily have to have received this orisha; with a lot of faith and love he will listen to you and come to your aid. 

This is why we are going to show you 3 simple works at the foot of Elegguá or Eshu to open our paths:

Works at the foot of the water: cleaning with a coconut to eliminate everything negative in our home or business.

The first thing you will do in this work at the foot of Eleggua or Eshu; is to go out of your house to buy the most beautiful coconut you see, remember that it must not be broken or beaten in any of its parts. 

After you have your coconut, you will wash it with plenty of water; proceed to spread husk all over the coconut to eliminate any bad energy it may have.

As a third step you will fill it completely with coconut and corojo butter and place it in front of Eleggua with a candle. 

It is worth noting that if you do not have Eleggua you can place your coconut behind the door of your house.

After all this you are going to roll the coconut around your house with your left foot and without touching it with your hands, finishing where you started. 

On the third day in the evening you are going to break that same coconut at a four-way junction.

On the certain and last day of the cleansing you are going to clean your house with water with cascarilla; a little bit of rose water essence, this with the objective that it will keep away all the bad things that could be in your house. 

Works at the foot of Eleggua or Eshu: for personal development and to open up our paths. 

In the works at the foot of Eleggua or Eshu that have been named, this is the idel for personal unfolding; you are going to take 7 small sticks of a guava bush in the shape of one; you are going to spread on each of those sticks some corojo butter, smoked fish and smoked jutia. 

You will place these 7 squiggles on a white plate in front of Eleggua and for 7 days you will take each of these squiggles and talk to Eleggua to open your paths. 

After the 7 days have elapsed you will go to a mountain and leave the doodles there with 7 coins of your country, it could well be a ticket as a right to Eleggua. 

To bring luck into your life 

The works at the foot of Eleggua or Eshu perform this work if you must have received your Eleggua; you are going to take your Eleggua and bring it out into the sun three Mondays in a row.

Every time you take them out to sunbathe you are going to talk to him and ask him what you want for your life. 

When you bring it home, cool it with a little coconut water; after it is dry, spread corojo butter, smoked fish and smoked jutia on it. 

Besides, you must make a candle and do it with a lot of faith, and I assure you that everything you ask of the little giant will be given to you.

In conclusion, these works at the foot of Eleggua or Eshu are ideal for the evolution and stability of the person, remember with a lot of faith and love.

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