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5 things you should know about Yoruba Religion

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The Yoruba religion, Santeria, the rule of Osha or Ifa has been criticised and frowned upon, even confused with witchcraft, but this is translated as “The way of the saints” and is an Afro-Caribbean religion. Santeria contains in its vast culture a large number of myths, tales and legends (Patakí) that give reason for many of its ceremonies and customs and make them more understandable.

Within this there are over 400 deities, of which sixteen are actively worshipped. Those who form the main base are: Obatalá, Oshún, Yemayá, Oyá, Shangó, and the Oddé warriors which are Eshu-Eleggua, Oggun, Oshosi, Ozun, and Orunmila.

They also worship Olofin, who is also called Olodumare and Olorun, the almighty god and supreme being, and the Orishas in the force of nature where the will of god is manifested.

In essence Santeria is a divinatory religion that offers the believer the means to access knowledge of the world and the main sources of power.

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How did Santeria come about?

When the Spanish colonisers acquired thousands of Yorubas to serve as slaves in Cuba, Brazil, Haiti and Trinidad. They clung to their religious practices, blending them with other African traditions and adjusting their religion to the new environment of what was then considered the new world.

Within Santeria there are many types of rules that must be respected, and that is why the name “Regla de Osha” (Rule of Osha) says so well. It must be understood that in this life everything has certain norms and rules so that everything works in a correct way and this religion is a supporter of that. The following are the five things you should know about the Yoruba Religion:

Santera Yoruba religion

5 things you should know about Yoruba Religion

  • Santeria is a religion originating in Nigeria, its African name is “Lucumí” or “Regla de Osha”. It is also seen that witchcraft is a term to group the practices of spiritualism; especially when the beliefs are not well understood, in other words, it will never be the same.
  • It is said that Santeria is good and witchcraft is bad, but the truth is that both have the ability to work both good and evil, depending on the intentions with which they are practised. 
  • Ancestral veneration in this religion is of utmost importance, as they pay morforibale to their ancestors and spirit guides. It is usually to honour the person’s deceased relatives.
  • In Santeria, the God known to the religious as Olodumare is equally venerated, but there are also more deities and Orishas.
  • Some of the Orishas are representative of nature such as:

Ogún Lord of iron, war and work.

Oyá the mistress of the winds.

Obatalá is the father of all Orishas and humanity, among others.

Yemayá goddess of the seas and their secrets.

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