Ashé: meaning of the word, history and expressions

Ashé: meaning of the word, history and expressions

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The meaning of the word Ashé is one of the best known words in Cuba today and it comes from believers and non-believers alike.

Everyone smiles and rejoices when they hear this word, as it is believed to be accompanied by good wishes, prosperity and happiness in general. 

Also known as aché or asé, known as a fundamental concept in Yoruba and Afro-Cuban religion such as Santería.

In addition, this is also the name given to the energy of the universe of which everything is made up, including the Orishas, and which is responsible for maintaining order and balance.

Ashé is believed to be

  • A virtue conceived. 
  • The balance of all existing energies.c
  • A natural gift given by olofin to all of us equally. 
  • Luck, power, health, prosperity and all good things. 
  • Energy and strength emanating from nature. 


The Patakies say that Ashé is the fundamental energy of the universe, which developed into olodumare and then into olofin when it became conscious.

After all this process, olofin created obatalá, the first of all the Orishas. And in the same way all the others related to the force of nature, who were granted an immense amount of Ashé by olodumare. 

Today the word Ashé is linked to many rituals, spells and incantations, but because it holds a great universal secret, the true meaning and power of the word has never been fully understood.

Moreover, it is the force that must be fully balanced in the universe and it helps to contribute to the proper functioning of existence itself. 

This word being sacred and mystical. Delivered by the religious and believers of the Yoruba religion. 

Common expressions

  • I possess Ashe
  • I wish you well Ashé
  • The creator has Ashé 
  • My saints have Ashe
  • My Ashe is enviable
  • Tremendous Ashé has that man, among others.

It should be noted that we as religious people must be clear that everything that comes out of our mouths has power, and that is why we should never wish evil on anyone, since we are all children of the same creator and in the end the one who has the last word is him. 

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