Characteristics of Oshosi's children

Characteristics of the children of Oshosi Find out what the children of the hunter are like!

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What are the sons of Oshosi like? It is a really interesting task as they are the sons of an Orisha hunter and avenger par excellence, as well as being an excellent magician and sorcerer, owner of the bush and also of the hunt.

Its name comes from the Yoruba Osóssi which comes from the meaning: Osó: Witch and Sisé: to do work, which literally translated means “He who works with witchcraft”.

This Orisha is related to prison, justice and all those who are persecuted for justice problems, being considered the protector of those who have problems with justice.

Oshosi is part of the group of Orisha called “Oddé Warriors”, together with Oggún and Eshu-Eleggua he represents free thinking, capable of moving to any place or time.

The sons of Oshosi are symbolised by the bow and arrow, and their guardian angel Oshosi is especially related to the well-known Orisha Oggún, as they live together in the bush.

His colours are green, blue and yellow, he knows all the birds that inhabit the earth and is considered the best hunter with perfect aim.

Here are some of the characteristics of the children of Oshosi, especially those that stand out the most in people who have this Orisha as their guardian angel.

Characteristics of Oshosi’s children 

Their children are gifted with a lot of intelligence, speed and intuition, they tend to be shrewd and know how to spot good opportunities, and make the most of each one of them.

The sons of Oshosi will always be alert and ready to face any situation that fate may throw at them, they react very quickly to any signal and are always on the defensive.

They are hospitable, loyal, love spending time with family and friends and are extremely protective of everyone around them.

The personality of the Oshosi children is largely related to their traditional customs, they are nomadic and also bohemian people.

Children of Oshosi
Children of Oshosi

The children of Oshosi are easily offended.

It takes a long time for Oshosi’s children to let their guard down and forgive, but once they have done so, they draw even closer to the people they love.

However, we must take into consideration that this favours those who are easily offended.

If you offend Oshosi’s children, you can be absolutely sure that he will never forget that failure and will always be one foot behind you for the breach of trust.

The children of Oshosi and their connection to all things supernatural 

The connection to all things mystical and supernatural in Oshosi’s children is so strong that they discover these connections on their own.

On the other hand, in terms of health, Oshosi’s children can suffer from stomach, spine and throat problems, as well as muscle problems and problems in the mouth and eyes.

The throat, for example, tells that the person is dealing with many things that he/she should say but does not do so in order not to hurt other people.

It should be noted that once these situations have been “swallowed” they are not well digested, and it is at this point that they affect the stomach.

It should be noted that the spirituality of Oshosi’s children is enormous, and it must always be in rhythm, otherwise people could easily fall ill.

The children of Oshosi and the people who have crowned this saint 

Undoubtedly, the children of Oshosi who have crowned this deity are characterised by standing out from the rest due to their many virtues.

Among all of them we can find cunning, sincerity, kindness, and that they are righteous, lively, active and very enterprising people.

To have a friendship or sentimental relationship with the children of Oshosi is to have an unconditional friend who is always ready to give you a helping hand, with advice and ideas that can offer a solution to a problem.

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