Differences between Eshu and Eleggua Find out!

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First we will start by talking about who Eshu is. 

Eshu is an Orisha and is in the group of the Oddé Orishas together with Oggun, Oshosi and Osun.

This Orisha only has the power to deliver them to the awo ni Orunmila or babalawos, consecrated with different elements of nature.

This Orisha does not go to anyone’s head, does not speak for dilogun and does not go to mats, he works directly with Orula; and he is known for being the one who carries the ebbó and gives account of the offerings that are made.

Eshu is a masijo usually cemented in the shape of a human, whose eyes, mouth and ear are represented by snails, and cannot be made by women. 

Eleggua came to earth accompanied by Obatalá, Orisha diviner par excellence. He is the one who opens and closes the roads and usually lives behind the main door of the house.

You can always count on him to do anything, he lives in the bush and sheets, faithful messenger of Olofin. 

Eleggua is an otá representing the nature of the individual who receives it. This Osha if at the head of the initiate, and also speaks for dilogún, was the only one who returned from the world of Ará Onú (beyond).

This Orisha is only empowered to be delivered by prepared santeros, eleggua resides in an otá (stone) that must be selected by each individual and after being sure that it is in harmony with the person receiving it.

Differences between Eshu and Eleggua

  • Eshu comes from the lands of ifa.
  • Eleggua belongs to the lands of the Santeros or Oloshas.
  • Eshu is received exclusively from the hands of a babalawos, as part of the warriors.
  • Eleggua is only received from the hands of a santero.
  • Eshu does not speak for dilogun.
  • Eleggua if you speak for dilogun.
  • Eshu carries within it a special cargo, the contents of which form the secrets of ifa.
  • Eleggua carries no cargo.

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