How to attend to Oddé warriors or Orishas?

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The warrior Orishas or Oddé Orishas are the first ones that any initiate in the Yoruba religion must receive. They can only be given by the highest ranking priests in the religion, called oluwos or babalawos.

In addition to your godfather’s specifications, it is worth noting that each sanctuary house is different and so are its rules, but in almost all of them the care and attention of the warriors is the same. Warriors are usually attended to on Mondays, their care starts from placing an otana (candle) to sprinkling Oti (burning water or rum) with your mouth.

Attend the Orisha as follows

Oggun y Oshosi

The tools of Oggun and Oshosi are kept lubricated with corojo butter and the otanes of the same that are inside the cauldron are placed in glasses with water, coffee, rum, etc. It is also advisable to offer fruits such as watermelon, melon, being these their favourites; they can be placed inside the cauldron opening a small hole so that the juice refreshes the otanes where the saints rest.

It is also good to show attention to the saints by smearing corojo butter and honey on the otanes; this is with the intention of entertaining the saints and always asking for health and stability in your life.

Oddé Warriors and Orishas


Eshu-Eleggua is attended with candles, either white or red, tobacco smoke is blown, honey is smeared on it when one wants to ask for a special favour, all kinds of sweets and drinks are offered to it.


Osun this Orisha should be in a high place above our head, he represents our health and firmness, as the head belongs to ori and that is where the guardian angel is mounted, if at any moment Osun falls to the ground (without anyone knocking him down) he should go quickly to his godfather’s house, with his Osun and a white dove as this could be warning of a serious health problem.

As far as care is concerned, it is extremely easy: cocoa husk or cocoa butter is smeared on it. No tobacco smoke may be blown on him or any kind of burning water offered to him.


Orula is attended only on 41 days or more, trying that this is Thursday, which is considered the preferred day to attend him; it is very early in the morning to attend him it is necessary not to have had sexual relations for at least 48 hours before, you can not be upset or have drunk alcoholic beverages. This is strictly enforced because it is considered disrespectful and offensive to Orula.

With respect to women; they cannot be menstruating when attending to this saint, if the saint (Inkin) falls to the floor it must be picked up with the mouth so that he does not feel despised or that he was intentionally thrown away. Among the drinks that can be offered to this saint is gin, which is his favourite.

You can also offer yams, rice with shrimps and all kinds of boiled vegetables.

The greeting to Orula is: Orula Iboru, Orula Iboya, Orula Ibosheshé.

As a fundamental aspect, it is necessary to know that you should never wish harm to anyone through the warriors; you must remember that the saints are love, respect, discipline and above all a lot of faith.

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