How to care for Elegua

How to care for Elegua – everything you need to know about the owner of the corners! 

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How to attend to Elegua is a task of great importance that no believer or initiate can pass up, we must remember that Elegua is the master of all ways and luck.

It is the one in charge of opening and closing the astrality of each person who inhabits this world, thus bringing the iré or osogbo into our life.

Prayer to Elegua
How to care for Elegua?

Remember that Elegua should be counted on and given permission before any ceremony, he should be the first to be present at the sacred Osha ceremonies.

Elegua is known as the smallest but greatest orisha, always present in our lives and never leaves our side.

He is caretaker of the savannahs, crossroads, corners, bush and tireless watchman of the changes that shape our lives; and protector of the destiny of all human beings.

If you are just an initiate in the Yoruba Religion, and know absolutely nothing about the task of attending to Elegua, we will show you how to attend to the smallest orisha of the Osha.

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Find out how to attend Elegua on Mondays!

First of all you should know that Elegua should live behind the front door of your home, from that point she demarcates the two worlds.

Inside and outside at the same time, the peace that must exist in our home and the dangerous that lives outside it; hence the importance of knowing how to care for Elegua.

It should be noted that it is the first day of the week (Monday) that he is attended to, and he should be attended to with a lot of respect and love.

  • Spread some corojo butter and honey on him, all in a gentle way and talk to him, thanking him for the week that has passed and for the week to come.
  • Three green guavas and a white or red candle should be placed on it as a sign of respect; in addition to this, it is also placed on it: 
    • Roasted maize (aguadó)
    • Smoked jutia (ekun)
    • Smoked fish (ellá)
  • In addition to this, and to understand more deeply how to attend to Elegua, it is also a good idea to light a cigar and blow some smoke, remember to blow some burning water.
  • Remember that when you finish you must give three knocks in front of him, Elegua immediately hears everything that his children and faithful devotees speak to him.

What offerings can be given and how can Elegua best be served?

If you find yourself going through a difficult situation that you do not know how to get out of unscathed, consult and work with the little giant of the Osha Elegua.

To know exactly how to attend to Elegua, you must take into account what the Orisha likes; what is meant by the offerings that grace him.

For that, you can offer many kinds of sweets, coconuts, guavas, candles and any kind of fruits, as long as the offerings are with love and respect the orisha will be grateful.

It is worth mentioning that when you offer anything to Elegua you should mention it out loud, as the saint likes to hear the voice of his children and faithful believers.

But don’t worry, if at some point you have nothing to offer him, he will still welcome you as he is known for his kindness.

On the other hand, if you wish to offer something Elegua but have not yet received it, you can place the offerings behind the door of your home and then take it to four corners or the savannah.

What should Elegua be asked to do when attending to it?

In order to understand how to attend to Elegua, you should know that he is interested in knowing who are the people who do us harm or who interrupt our development.

He is an orisha of justice and he will take care of and punish the person who does us wrong. He always asks for beautiful things and you will see how the little giant of the Osha will multiply it day by day.

When you are attending to Elegua, you should ask the orisha to open your paths in order to achieve peace, development, abundance, intelligence, firmness in your projects, among many other things.

In this way, he alone will ward off all evil and help to overcome all difficulties that may weary your life, mind and spirit.

You know exactly how to attend to Elegua, as long as you do everything with a lot of faith and love the orisha will know how to thank and reward you.

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