Characteristics of the sons of Oshun

Learn about the characteristics of the children of Oshun, known as the goddess of love! 

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Oshun is known to be the goddess of the Yoruba religion who rules over the fresh waters that make up this world, the streams, rivers and is the representation of fertility.

Perhaps at some point you have wondered about the characteristics of the children of Oshun, who call their mother as the great queen, or Iyalorde.

Characteristics of the sons of Oshun
Characteristics of the sons of Oshun

She is also known to be the goddess of calm and rough waters, a golden fish that dwells in streams and a tireless mother who protects all her children.

It is well known that the children of Oshun are protected by their mother, a mermaid, who covers them with her powerful and protective mantle just by whistling.

Oshun’s children are characterised by being extremely cheerful in any situation, they enjoy the good things life has to offer; they walk proudly and are proud to know the blessing that accompanies them.

Oshun loves that on his day, 12 September, people thank him for his blessings and show their complete devotion to him.

She is the one who guides all her children and faithful devotees through calm waters, a powerful guide along the spiritual path to make all her children always happy on the earthly plane.

There is no doubt that the children of Oshun are characterised by their unique way of looking at life and it is for that reason that in this article we will tell you about them.

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Characteristics you should know about the sons of Oshun

The sons of Oshun are known as (Omo) and they, like the daughters of Oshun, are generally very attractive and charismatic people who love to attract attention.

Here are some of the essential characteristics that stand out about the incredible sons of Oshun, who are considered to be the sons of a queen.

Oshun’s children are cheerful and extremely attractive people.

Oshun does not like to see his children suffering at all, let alone grumpy, so they are characteristically cheerful and attractive people.

In addition to all this, their charisma in society is extremely unmatched, they love to party and be the centre of attention.

On the other hand, when Oshun’s children are sad and need a lot of support, they sometimes become weak and proceed to lock themselves into what they believe to be a dead end.

They are very stubborn and have strong convictions, but when the sons of Oshun rise up again, they take control of their lives and are not easily defeated.

Oshun’s children find it difficult to manage money well.

The Omo Oshun are characteristically very bad at managing money, they live beyond their means and some of them love to have someone else pay for their expenses and provide them with luxuries.

However, we can say that they are hard workers and fighters for everything they want, and although they love to waste money, they work hard to get what they long for.

They are fascinated by attracting attention wherever they go

Clothing is one of the most important characteristics that Oshun’s children possess, as well as looking good in any situation.

They are sensual people and when it comes to relationships, they are easily offended if they are not the centre of attention.

Incredible dancers, talkative, sociable people, they always need to be surrounded by people, making them feel important and beautiful.

But this does not mean that Oshun’s children do not attract attention in other respects, as it has been proven that they can excel in many professional fields.

Even more so in those areas that have to do with communication and dealing with the public, they are able to notice those things that others want and need.

They can fail and suffer in matters of love.

The children of Oshun are considered to be very sentimental people, and in the relationship they are known to give absolutely everything to their partners.

On many occasions as a result of this, they are hurt, disillusioned, very sad and heartbroken into a thousand pieces; for them, it is all or nothing.

They ask for nothing in return, they are very loving and extremely full of kindness in their relationships, often their disappointments occur because they expect everything from a person.

After all this, the sons of Oshun must be strong to get out of this uncomfortable situation, which they themselves agreed to enter.

They stand out for being overprotective of their friends and family, they give their all when they want to, but they need to be told every day that they are the best parents, friends, children, etc.

There is no doubt that the sons and daughters of Oshun are a serious thing, they are excellent friends and perfect when it comes to matters of love. And you, do you know any son or daughter of Oshun?

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