Obi y Eleggua

Obi and Eleggua pataki of humility

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In our Yoruba religion there is nothing more beautiful in the eyes of our orishas than humility, and that is why we must always as religious people keep that in mind. 

You may be the santero with the most deities received, but if you don’t possess something as important as humility, what good is that?

Obi y Elegua
Coco and Elegua

We must remember that when we die and meet Olodumare, it is our good deeds that will speak of us during our stay on earth. 

This is why we will now show you a Pataki of Eleggua and the Obi (Coco) where you will see how Olodumare punishes those who do not have humility.

Why should we be humble? 

The Obi (Coco) was pure, humble and with an unequalled simplicity, and it is for all this that olofin made his skin white; his heart and all that he carried inside and placed him high up on top of a palm tree. 

Eleggua, the messenger of the gods, was serving Obi, and Obi realised that Obi was no longer as he was before, something in him had changed. 

One day Obi decided to throw a celebration, a big party and invited all his greatest friends. 

Eleggua already knew them very well, he knew that many of them were the most important people in the whole world. 

But Obi did not want to invite the needy, the poor or the sick to his feast, Eleggua, seeing this outrage, decided to invite them all and not only the rich. 

The day of the party arrived and Obi, proud and arrogant, dressed up to welcome all his guests. 

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Surprised and very upset, he saw all the poor and sick people coming to his party, and he asked them: 

Who invited all of you? 

A: Eleggua invited us in your name, replied the poor and the sick. 

Obi was very angry and insulted them for daring to come to his house dressed in rags and dirty. 

-Get out of here immediately,” were Obi’s words.

All the poor and sick people who had died of shame at their ill-treatment left Obi’s house, and Eleggua left with them. 

Many days after the feast, Olofin sent Eleggua to bring a message to Obi. 

-I flatly refuse to serve Obi,” were Eleggua’s words.

Obi has changed a lot, he is no longer humble and pure as before; his whole being is full of arrogance and he wants nothing to do with those who suffer and mourn on earth. 

Olofin was very upset by the message from Eleggua and decided to check if all this was true, so he dressed in rags and went to Obi’s house. 

I need food and shelter,” were Olofin’s words to Obi.

-How dare you knock on the doors of my house in that state? Obi rebuked.

Olofin, undisguised and very upset at Obi’s lack of humility and love, said:

-Obi, Obi. 

Surprised and embarrassed Obi dropped to the ground to kneel before Olofin and said:

-Olofin father, Please forgive me. 

You were just, humble, simple and it was because of all these qualities that I made your heart white. 

But now you are full of arrogance and pride, as a punishment for your pride your bowels will remain white, but you will fall and roll on the ground until you become dirty. 

You will also have to serve the orishas and all men; this is how the coconut became the most popular of all oracles to this day.

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