Ant Pataki and Orula

Pataki of the ants, how did they manage to save Orunmila from imprisonment?

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Did you know about this incredible Yoruba story known as the Ant Pataki? We will tell you everything you need to know about this story, and how Orunmila was saved.

Orunmila who is known as the great soothsayer, lived in the same place as the owner of the changes Eleggua, one day the oracle decided to undertake a new change.

The aim of this journey was to explore new lands, as his intentions were to offer his knowledge to anyone who needed it.

In the middle of his journey he was mistakenly deprived of his freedom, suffering imprisonment, as he was not known to any citizen who dared to vouch for his good deeds so that he could be released.

The days went by and Eleggua began to worry, as he had no news about the soothsayer, while the oracle planned a way to be free in his confinement.

Orula asks for help and the well-known ant Pataki is born. 

Noting that no human being offered to help the soothsayer, he sought refuge in nature and its animals, being the most powerful force reigning on earth.

It was for this reason that he asked the ants for help, as the smallest creatures were his only companions.

It should be noted that the ants were grateful to Orula because of the goods he had provided them with in the past, so they took up his request with great commitment and willingness.

This pataki of the ants does not show how the wise soothsayer took apart piece by piece of his ekuele, so that the ants could carry it to the abode, where the Orisha, owner of all roads, was located.

Ants' Pataki, Board
Ants’ Pataki, Board

Eleggua realises the danger of the powerful soothsayer. 

After a long journey and overcoming all kinds of obstacles, the little ants gave Eleggua the tool with which Orunmila consulted, and he knew almost immediately that the soothsayer was in trouble.

Guided by the trail left by the ants, the smallest Osha saint set out on a long journey in order to free the great soothsayer.

Once he arrived at the village he began to speak to everyone about the virtues that Orula possessed, and the mission that he had as an ifa oracle.

After making everyone understand Orula’s good judgement, he proposed that he be released so that through his gifts, he could help the whole region to prosper properly.

Orunmila marks ebbó and helps to give development to the people.  

Once outside the bars that imprisoned him, the Orisha took his board and other attributes and marked an ebbó, so that all present could find the unwrapping.

Orunmila’s tablet marked a total of sixteen days, after which time all the villagers began to see improvements, thanks to the ritual that the soothsayer had indicated.

Orula then began to receive renown and affection from all the villagers, and it was then necessary for him to go to many places in order to help those most in need.

Thus began his journey of bringing help and protection to the most destitute, establishing combat against the forces of evil and providing health to all the sick.

What did you think of the ants’ pataki, and how did they manage to help Orula escape from her confinement? Don’t forget to leave us your comments, we will be happy to answer all your questions.

Ant Pataki, Ifa Board
Ant Pataki, Ifa Board

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