Prayer to San Luis Beltrán to Santiguar

Prayer of Saint Luis Beltran Free your spirit, body from the evil eye and bad energies!

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In a previous post we showed you the prayer of Blessed Saint Lazarus to improve health, now on this occasion we bet you the prayer of San Luis Beltran is well known to pray it when you feel the existence of any disease, evil eye, evil spells and any kind of bad energies.

You should note that at various times when you are performing the prayer of San Luis Beltran, you should make the sign of the holy cross ().

Prayer of San Luis Beltrán
Ensalmo San Luis Beltrán

On the other hand, although you do not notice the name of San Luis Beltrán in this prayer, this prayer is known to be attributed to this saint. 

As well as being used to free our being from any evil spells and bad energies, it is often used to pray for children.

You may find yourself asking, but why children? Well, they have a clean and innocent soul, and they have a certain tendency to pick up bad energies from other people.

When you feel your body tired because of bad vibes, you can pray this prayer of San Luis Beltran to remove from your life any evil that may be disturbing it.

Below, we will show you a prayer of San Luis Beltrán that you can pray, if you feel tired or you notice that your child or any member of your family is feeling unwell; do not hesitate to pray it.

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Ensalmo San Luis Beltrán to ward off all evils

Son of God, mighty San Luis Beltrán I conjure you to help me to bless this person; in the name of the Holy Trinity father (✝️) son (✝️) and Holy Spirit (✝️).

Three divinities and one true essence, and thanks to the Virgin Mary our Lady conceived without original sin, help to bring this message to Almighty God.

Virgin before childbirth (✝️) and still a virgin after childbirth (✝️), and by all the saints who are part of the glorious heavenly court.

Glorious Saint Luis Beltran, through your holy mysteries, which I believe in, I come today to ask for your divine intercession by means of this powerful prayer of Saint Luis Beltran.

Deliver my body from any sickness, evil eye, pain, accidents, and any harm or injury that may harm this creature of God.

Amen O glorious Father Jesus (✝️)! 

Behold my heart that with such good faith beseeches Thee for its help, and thus hoping that it will serve Thee by Thy pity and mercy to heal and deliver this body from every wound, pain, sore, sore, tumour and disease.

Amen O glorious Father Jesus (✝️)! 

Consumatum Est (✝️) Consumatum Est (✝️)

It is worth noting that in this prayer to San Luis Beltrán to sanctify, the expression “Consumatum Est” is used in prayer when going through a situation of great pain or disaster.

The phrase is attributed to the words of Christ when he was on the cross, so thanks to the faith that moves mountains and this ensalmo of San Luis Beltrán.

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