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Prayers to clean the house Protect your home from bad energies!

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Our home should be considered a temple of peace, comfort and full security, the place where we spend most of our time and where we share with our loved ones, hence the importance of knowing prayers to clean the house.

In our home there must never be unhappiness or unhappiness, for it must be a sacred and familiar space in which we can rest freely.

Although sometimes we may feel a certain sense of insecurity in our own home, we hear strange noises, bad vibes and are unable to sleep or relax.

We must take into account that negative energies, envy and bad desires can invade our home and that comfortable space we have, in the case of being so you should know prayers to clean the house.

Bad vibes should never be underestimated, and together with witchcraft can cause great damage to our home and all the members that make it up.

It is for this reason, that if we continue to see danger, insecurity, will go or any other negative characteristic influencing our home, we must apply multiple ways to protect it from all evil. 

But don’t worry, in case you feel your house is heavy and you don’t feel safe in it, here are some prayers to clean your house that you should know.

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To clean your home you can use the following recommendations

  • Perform spiritual cleansings with some herbs that ward off bad vibes, you can do this with the help of rue. 
  • Prayers to scent the house and the corners of it, such essence helps to keep away any bad spirit
  • Place coconut or sandalwood incense in the corners of your play, warding off sorcery and evil wishes. 
  • Make a powerful bath with cinnamon, honey, white flowers and husk to clean floors, walls and anything in your home.
  • Say a prayer to cleanse the house, so our spirit guides will help us to cleanse our home of bad energies.

In addition to the many prayers to clean the house, you can make use of some protective herbs such as rusa and rosemary, boil them and when the water cools down you clean your house with it.

In this way we can guarantee the protection of our home, and keep away any bad energy that may be haunting us.

On the other hand, you can also use incense and incense burners, as they diffuse the scent of the different herbs; this way we cleanse our home and create a relaxed, peaceful and harmonious atmosphere.

Prayers to clean the house
Prayers to clean the house

Recommendations for reciting prayers to clean the house

  • Don’t forget to accompany any cleaning ritual with one of these prayers to clean a house and make everything much more effective.
  • A prayer to cleanse the house is addressed to our spirit guides, and its aim is to remove spells and cleanse bad vibes from the environment.
  • Through prayers we ask for peace, tranquillity, harmony and love for all the people living in our home. 
  • To cleanse our house of all existing bad energy, we must pray for a week straight any of these prayers to clean the house, remember that with a lot of faith
  • Don’t forget to light a white candle to give power and energy to all the beings of light that protect your home. 

To our spiritual beings we ask for protection by raising our prayers with love and much faith, this is how we ask for their blessing and guidance for our family and home.

Prayers to clean a house Do it with faith and love!

Prayer to cleanse the house of bad energies

I ask for help from the merciful Lord and my spirit guides, with love, faith and trust that any person who wishes to harm my home or bring bad energies into my home will be driven away and never return.

I pray that his footsteps may retrace his steps away from my home, so that he may not tread on my home; that all news that comes to my door may be unwinding and peace.

I thank you Lord that you hear in this home and holy moment my petition, my house is also your house and in it there should be no bad energies, Amen!

Prayer to smoke the house and cleanse it energetically

I invoke the divine presence of my god to expel from my home all negativity, all evil presence that impedes the well-being of my home and all who dwell therein.

From the door of my house and in each of its walls impregnated with this incense, to cleanse and remove all the negative so that the light of positive things is restored.

Now thanks to your divine patience my play is already clean and pure, with the help of this sacred incense and this prayer to smoke house annulled all the negative and harmful in the powerful name of God.

Prayer to clean house in the name of St. George

Today I come to pray to you mighty St. George that I may be blessed with abundance and prosperity, that prosperity may be my home.

Guard my home from all evil, protect me O beloved and powerful St. George, with your spear drive away all evil, affliction and all negative energy that haunts my home. 

I am totally sure that under your care my home and family will not be in any danger, protect us always my saints, Amen.

You already know the prayers to cleanse the house, and the ways in which you can do it to rid yourself once and for all of any evil that dwells in your dwelling.

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