Prayers to OshĂșn Ask for health, love and development! 

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OshĂșn is undoubtedly one of the most popular and mentioned orishas of the Yoruba pantheon, thanks to his immense beauty and indisputable grace, characteristics that make this Orisha one of the most preferred.

Some of her powers include healing the sick and helping to mend the broken hearts of her children.

Mother Oshún Prayer
Mother OshĂșn Prayer

In addition to all this, with some of these powerful prayers to OshĂșn, you will be able to bring fertility to the lands surrounding your home and to the women, abundance and prosperity.

Remember that OshĂșn is known to be the sovereign of fresh and cool waters, in addition to this attribute she is also known as the goddess of love.

In the Regla de Osha OshĂșn is a symbol of sweetness, happiness, joy and kindness, she is loving, beautiful and charming; she protects all her children and devotees, always watching over them as a protective mother to ensure their well-being.

However, we must know that there is a very powerful prayer to OshĂșn to ask the Yoruba goddess of love, who is known as the queen of witches, master of magic and mysticism.

His powers are mainly directed towards everything related to love, romance and seduction and he loves spells, as well as love bonds between two people.

When reciting prayers to Oshun, what should we ask for?

Prayers to OshĂșn hold the keys to love, success, prosperity and pregnancy, for this reason we should invoke to ask for his advice and help in the face of any adversity.

We should always try to keep her happy, we should never make promises we can’t keep, she is unforgiving of major failures.

She always values the faith and affection of her children and faithful devotees, as well as our fidelity and faith, if you are going through any situation try this prayer to OshĂșn.

We can recite these prayers to OshĂșn to ask for the following: 

  • Love: With the help of a powerful prayer to OshĂșn, you will be able to solve a love or sentimental problem, or attract a distant love.
  • Fertility: A prayer is made to OshĂșn for a woman to become pregnant, as OshĂșn watches over mothers and unborn children, helps with childbirth problems and governs the abdominal area.
  • Abundance: Its characteristic yellow colour, which offers elegance, is known to be a symbol of wealth and power.
  • Family happiness: Prayers to OshĂșn can also be used for problems related to marriage or motherhood, his children and followers can ask for marital happiness.
  • Health and against enemies: You can also pray a prayer to Mother OshĂșn, to ask for protection against any negative energy and for your health.

Miraculous prayers to OshĂșn to deliver us from all evil and open our paths.

We must remember that OshĂșn is also venerated through the Virgen de la Caridad del Cobre, a point we can take into account when praying a prayer to OshĂșn for love.

In addition to this, you can buy a holy card of OshĂșn and place it on a table at the entrance of your home, make an altar for him and add some of his favourite offerings. 

For example, before reciting a prayer to OshĂșn you can add to his altar some copper coins to attract fortune, sunflowers, oranges, yellow candles, among many others…

With much love and without hiding anything, we can say some of these prayers to OshĂșn, with much faith above all:

Very effective prayer to Oshun for love problems

OshĂșn beloved mother, gold is your ray of light that you leave wherever you walk, the same that belongs to you, Orisha of the sweet water, do not allow any fog to cloud my desire to obtain true love.

OshĂșn O mighty mother! Today through prayer mother OshĂșn, I ask you to give me alchemy as the sublime nectar; you who know how to respect and revere, so be it, Ashe mother.

Mother OshĂșn Prayer for Money and Prosperity

Oh, mother OshĂșn, owner of the great rivers of the world and waterfalls! All your waters keep the feelings that nourish the hearts, beautiful OshĂșn owner of gold, illuminate with your light and open my paths.

Today through this powerful prayer mother Oshun, I ask that you pour your gold over my family so that we may never suffer hunger, misery, or ruin, that we may never lack your blessing or prosperity in the future.

Never forsake me and guide me on the path of success and only good opportunities, protect your children from all witchcraft and calamities that may befall them.

Prayer to OshĂșn for health and warding off disease

OshĂșn goddess of rivers and waterfalls remove from my life all evil when it hurts me, bless me with your goodness and justice I pray in this holy moment that you look at me with your merciful eyes.

Today I wish that your waters may soothe my poor soul, so that I may receive your graces and the hope of regaining good health, merciful mother, May it be so, Thank you, beautiful mother! 

Mother OshĂșn prayer to get pregnant and attract fertility

O blessed mother OshĂșn, mistress of the waters of all the rivers and waterfalls of the world, revered for the enormous power you have in life; I come before you today to have mercy on my being, and to allow me to be a mother.

Today I pray that you fill my womb with life, give me the blessing of being a mother, I thank you blessed OshĂșn, Ashe! 

On the other hand, you can go to the natural temple of OshĂșn (the river) to recite some of these prayers to OshĂșn, don’t forget to bring your yellow or golden candle and your respective sunflower flower.

Always keep in mind that the Orisha values your sincerity and appreciation, even with a candle you will be well received!

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