The cascarilla in the Yoruba religion

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The cascarilla is considered in the Yoruba religion as the purest element that exists, and it is the one that allows the strokes to reach the deity to whom tribute is being paid.

It is also used to cleanse the space where an important consecration is to be performed of negative energies.

This element helps to cleanse our body, mind, soul and even our home of bad vibes and evil spirits.

When a person feels depressed, anxious and cannot sleep well, it is recommended to use a large bucket with plenty of water and cascarilla, to cleanse from bad energies such as the evil eye.

Use of the husk

  • It is commonly used in baths, stripping and spiritual cleansing. 
  • It is used to draw sacred symbols in the Yoruba religion and other cults.
  • Keeps away bad vibes and evil spirits. 
  • Egguns are attended to in every ritual with her. 
  • When dark energies are felt in a place it is good to blow some powdered cascarilla.
  • Depending on the Orisha, 1, 4 or 8 cascarillas are usually placed in the obatalá soup tureen. 

Nowadays we must be aware whether a cascarilla is real or not, because many unscrupulously invent ways to make it in order to obtain money inappropriately.

If you notice that the husk is hard, yellowish and does not paint, it is a fake; real husk is as white as coconut, easy to powder and paints surfaces very well.

The cascarilla in the Yoruba religion

What does it represent?

The materials used to make it have great religious significance, such as eggshells and holy water. 

The eggshell represents life and the water it carries is blessed by God, all these elements must be consecrated when making the eggshell, they must be blessed and consecrated because therein lies their effectiveness in providing protection.

It should be noted that its preparation also involves chants and prayers, as it is intimately related to obatalá, due to its whiteness and purity.

Through it, the spiritual and mental clarity to trace the signs of special consecrations made by the babalawos is achieved. 

There is no head rogation where the use of the Cascarilla is not present, since through it the spiritual and mental clarity sought by the person receiving the rogation is achieved.

Its use has always been based on the protection of a house, space or person, it comes in hard or powdered form. 

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