How are the sons of Shangó

What are the sons of Shangó like? Discover the characteristics of the sons of the Yoruba King of thunder and lightning.

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In this article we will name those characteristics that define the sons of Shangó, but to give you a little more knowledge, we will tell you about Shangó, a powerful Orisha of the Yoruba Religion.

Shangó is attributed with drums, fire, thunder, lightning, dance, justice and also the strength of virility. He is syncretised with Santa Bárbara and his celebration is on the 4th of December.

His day of the week for services and offerings are Saturdays, although he is also known to attend on Fridays.

Children of Shango
Children of Shango

The sons of Shangó should know that his number is 6 and its multiples, although many others give him 4; as for his favourite colours, these are red and white.

But what exactly are the children of Shangó like? We can point out that they are extremely generous and helpful people.

But don’t worry, below we bring you a series of qualities that characterise the sons of the mighty Kabiesilè Shangó, and all that revolves around them.

Discover what the children of Shangó are like and the similarities that haunt their lives.

Shangó’s children are characterised by that nobility which is very much theirs, their great intelligence and creativity to solve the most difficult of problems.

They are fascinated by caring about others around them, about other people’s affairs and giving support to anyone who needs it, whether they are part of their family or not.

They consider themselves to be extremely caring and helpful people, generous by nature, helpful and kind; they have total confidence in their abilities, which makes their ego a problem.

They know exactly what they want and what they have to do to achieve it. Shangó’s children are born leaders, humanists, they are ambitious and they put all their energy into achieving what they long for.

The sons (Omo) of Shangó are known to be people who get ahead no matter what, thanks to their courage, willingness and above all their unparalleled strength and energy.

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Shangó’s children are highly temperamental

They are very funny, affectionate and playful when they want to be, they tend to be very tolerable until their cup runneth over, and that is when their anger is fully unleashed.

In matters of love, the children of Shangó are faithful to the death, have a hard time forgiving and do not condone infidelity.

They grow in the face of every obstacle that comes their way, have great faith in their beliefs and remember their father Shangó when thunder sounds.

They can be arrogant and talkative when they feel like it, and they are fascinated by luxuries and living comfortably.

What did you think of this post dedicated to all the children of Shangó? There is no doubt that when they get upset, they can unleash their full wrath.

But when it comes to their gentle side, they are the most understanding people on this earthly plane.

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