What does Maferefun mean?

What does Maferefun mean in the Regla de Osha? Pray for good things! 

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Perhaps you have heard many members of the Yoruba Religion mention at some point the word so often used in Santeria, in this post we will talk about what Maferefun means.

We must begin by telling you that Maferefun is known to be a very peculiar expression, and has been widely used in the Yoruba language for thousands of years.

Do you know the meaning of Maferefun? In this article we explain the meaning of this way of paying homage to a saint.

Of course, on many occasions we may have heard “Maferefun Eleggua”, but we don’t always understand the context, let alone the meaning behind this phrase.

It should be noted that to think that it is only a praise to any Orisha, because it is accompanied by the name of that deity, is not entirely correct and we should know this.

What does Maferefun mean then? We must bear in mind that in order to find out, we must have the correct pronunciation and the context.

Since this way, we can know exactly which reference is being made, we will now tell you a little about what Maferefun means.

The meaning of Maferefun, an expression that has different meanings

The fact is that, in order to be able to deduce what Maferefun means, we must first of all begin by analysing the context in which it is used.

Let’s give you an example, let’s say we pronounce it like this, Ma fi iré fun, we will be praying for good things to the deity that is included after the phrase.

On the other hand we can say, that by mentioning the word to give thanks we mean what: “I give a large part of my earnings to a certain Orisha”.

So, at all times you should keep in mind that when we talk about what Maferefun means, it refers to the word we should use when we are going to offer something to some deity.

To give thanks for their help and blessing at all times, this thanks can be shown in such a way to the babalawo who did the spiritual work.

In addition, this expression is also said to the Orisha of whom the priest or babalawo is the son of, for example, when expressing our gratitude we say “Maferefun Eleggua”.

Of course, in the case that the priest is the son of this Orisha, and so on with all the other existing deities.

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What does it mean and how is it a word to pay obeisance to an Orisha?

It should be said that when we talk about what Maferefun means, it can also be used as a “Praise be to him”, in the case of paying homage to a deity.

The point is that Maferefun can encompass many kinds of meanings, and in many of these it is usually associated with an Orisha.

On the other hand, it is also used as a praise, thanksgiving and prayer in many of the ceremonies that take place in the Yoruba Religion; meaning that it is part of the Yoruba culture.

However, in order to understand much more clearly what Maferefun means, it would be best to learn to differentiate its meanings and when pronouncing the word, it will be with faith and respect.

What do you think about the meaning of Maferefun? Remember that learning in this beautiful religion is fundamental, as this way you will be generating bases and not doubts that saturate your head.

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