Who is Olorun? The spiritual energy that moves the universe and gives life to all that exists in it. 

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When we want to understand who exactly Olorun is, we must first explain that in the Yoruba religion he is one of the manifestations of the Supreme God Olodumare.

His cult has a strong ancestral relationship with the major star, the sun, and is a deity that inspires all humanity to worship what we do, as well as offering encouragement to life itself.

Who is Olorun?
Who is Olorun?

He manifests close to men on earth itself, is the provider of breath on the earth plane, and is Olodumare’s intermediary for direct communication with humanity.

To understand who Olorun is in the Yoruba religion, suffice it to say that he is the sign of life, the owner of light, colours, the air itself, the breath that gives life, vigour and effort.

Who is Olorun and what is the meaning of his name for believers?

Olorun is derived from the name “Olorunm” which can be translated as “Owner of the Orun (Heaven), in turn Orun also means “vehement prayer, imploration”. 

It is worth noting that this god has no cult, no temples, nor should he be worshipped directly, and in fact human beings have a restriction on referring to his name.

Because of such a restriction, their relationship with men on earth is established through the intermediates (Orishas) that we already know.

If we wish to greet Olorun it should be done with great respect, facing the sun, our arms should be wide open towards the front, and with the palms of our hands facing upwards.

Understanding who Olorun is is important for all believers, santeros and babalawos who are part of the Yoruba religion, there is a ceremony called ñangareo; in it, santeros and babalawos bow to Olorun before proceeding with the itá.

Who are Olofin, Olorun and Olodumare?

Olorun is the sun itself, in which the sensitive and also the material of Olofin and Olodumare are concentrated.

Olodumare in this case would be the Supreme God of the Yoruba religion who represents all that exists, both the material and the spiritual.

He is in contact with all the people of the earth, through forms such as his manifestations: Olorun and Olofin, hence the importance of knowing who Olorun is.c

This is how we can say that Olorun is the second manifestation of Olodumare, who communicates directly with men on earth.c

Olofin is the third and is in indirect contact with men, all thanks to the Orishas that make up the Yoruba pantheon.

Datos interesantes que debes conocer si quieres aprender quien es Olorun 

  • With the emergence of Olorun the human race was born, the man is the representation of strength and rudeness, the woman on the other hand is the motherhood and gentleness, representations in charge of maintaining the balance of the universe. 
  • Olorun is the owner of all colours, in combination with water it allows scales of colours to emerge. This is one of the many blessings he offers to man, not to live in a grey and sad place. 
  • He stands out for being an omnipresent saint, whether by day or by night he always remains in the heavens, although it is not seen whether his work is to watch over the subsistence of the human race. 
  • It is associated with the chameleon, due to its ability to camouflage itself in order to mislead its enemies, so it is able to deliver its messages without running any danger. 
  • Olorun is the owner of heaven and protector of the souls of humans, which he collects to give them the possibility of eternal rest. 
  • Orisha is responsible for life because without his presence we would die, thanks to the rays of the sun the world is a fertile place and this is how the sustenance of human beings is born. 
Who Olorun is in Yoruba Religion
Who Olorun is in Yoruba Religion

The worship of Olorun on the earthly plane 

Among the offerings that can be given to this orisha is the ñangareo ceremony, which is performed to obtain his blessing and to inform him that an itá is going to take place on earth.

Olorun is not to be received, let alone placed on the leri (head), also he is not to be engaged in religious works, since the petitions come to him through the orishas who came to earth for that purpose.

Now that you know who Olorun is and his importance for humans and the earth, what do you think of his story?

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