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Why does the soothsayer Orula dwell in a wooden receptacle?

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Orula is considered the great soothsayer of ifa, he is the deity in charge of looking after and protecting the destiny of all human beings here on earth, and he does this by offering his wise advice and ebboses. 

Besides the fact that Orula is the saint who represents intelligence itself, the oracle of ifa is the one with which this powerful saint delivers us from evils and illnesses.

The oracle of ifa puts all the good things in this world above all else. And this is one of his duties given to him by Olodumare to take care of the world, to maintain a balance between the supernatural forces and us humans.

The sacred receptacle of Orula 

Orunmila lives in a wooden receptacle because this is considered his natural element par excellence. 

It is worth noting that its board and ekuele are made of the same material.

The same wood connects him with the spirit of mother nature, which at the same time establishes a bond that is considered unbreakable with Ozain the orisha protector of the secrets that are related to the herbs and plants of the world.

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Wood as the natural element through which the oracle of ifá manifests itself 

The relationship between orula and wood comes from the day of his birth, and this is because he was hidden in the bowels of a tree by Eleggua, the saint who owns all the roads in order to save his life.

Long after that, and thanks to that same tree, he got his first board and ekuele at the hands of Shangó.

Shangó created these pieces so that Orula would use them for the art of divination, a benefit which he obtained and knew how to use justly from the first day he received his consecration in what is known today as the Regla de Ifá.

Thanks to the help of this board Orula works by making predictions and ebbos, all this in order to help whoever knocks on her door. 

He is a totally selfless orisha, as he never does any good expecting something in return. 

It is worth noting that one of the things this orisha never forgives is tradition and selfishness, as he firmly believes that these defects require immediate correction. 

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