Work to Obatalá to attract tranquillity, health and peace to your body.

Work to Obatalá to attract tranquillity, health and peace to your body. 

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We must always keep in mind that tranquillity is synonymous with health and peace, both spiritually and personally. This work to Obatalá, the Orisha of the white and pure, will help us to calm our lives and achieve good health.

Maybe you are one of those people who lead an intense life, full of worries and you want to calm down a bit, feel comfortable and with a clear mind.

Work to Obatalá to attract tranquillity
Work to Obatalá to attract tranquillity

Obatala is the father of everything and everyone, he sews our thoughts and frees us from our fears, sometimes our worst enemy is our own mind, we must be aware that our balance and well-being depends on it.

We will make use of milk to carry out this work to Obatalá, a food that purifies, and which in turn helps us to achieve calm and peace.

Remember that this is a product given to us by mother earth, known to generate abundance, because it cleanses and removes any bad vibes that haunt our body.

Work to Obatalá to calm and also help to heal our body and soul.

It is worth mentioning that it is absolutely necessary to make this offering to Babá Obatalá with a lot of love and faith, you should only make requests that are coherent with your current situation.

Don’t ask for anything impossible and work on what you want in order to achieve it, and by following this advice you can be totally sure that the Orishas will accompany you and offer you their help.

Ingredients necessary to perform this work to Obatalá

  • A glass of milk, can be natural or bottled. 
  • 1 all-white plate 
  • Cocoa butter 
  • Husk
  • A white cloth 
  • Dried maize straw 
  • 2 white candles 
  • Silver dormancy, also known as mimosa pudica, nometoques, vergonzosa or opium poppy 

How to prepare this powerful offering to our father Obatalá?

You will choose a quiet, serene place in your home, away from the other people who live with you daily, you will put a glass of milk to Obatalá in that place, if you have received Obatalá in front of him.

This glass must remain in its position for exactly 4 days, every day during those 4 days you will light both white candles for half an hour.

Choose a time of the day when you can light the candles calmly, meditate and sit by the glass of milk, talk to Obatalá and ask from your heart for what you need.

Remember to let the Orisha know that you will put a glass of milk in his name as an offering to ask for peace of mind and health, you must say the following: 

  • Obatalá my father, here is your son (you say your name) making this offering with your permission, and asking for your blessing with this glass of milk, so that you bring tranquility, health and prosperity in my life Thank you father! 

After 4 days, remove the remaining cream from the glass, place it on the white plate and the rest of the milk can be discarded.

On top of the cream you should pour the cocoa butter and the cocoa husk, let it dry and remove the remaining milk liquid.

Remove the cream and place it in the white cloth we told you about, also put the dry corn straw inside and the dormidera plant.

To finish with this work to Obatalá you tie everything and close it very well, if you can glue or sew it much better and put it in front of Obatalá.

Where should the offering be left at the end of this work to Obatalá?

You should leave the offering in your home until tranquillity and peace are part of your home, then proceed to leave it in a leafy tree or garden.

Work to Obatalá to attract peace.
Work to Obatalá to attract peace.

Important note: If you are crowned remember that ideally you should ask the Orisha where he/she wants the work to be done.

Planeta Yoruba wishes that all its users achieve a lot of health with this work to Obatalá, which is what we need, that with it peace and abundance will also be present in our and their lives.

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