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Olodumare, the supreme god of all Yoruba and Santeria believers, lived in total harmony with all human beings, and from the comfort of his palace he attended to the requests of men and women.

In addition to the deities who came to his presence demanding justice, despite his many years Olodumare was still carrying out his duties.

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Eshu and Olodumare

His experience was incredible and was accumulated in conflict resolution, which allowed him to make decisions with incredible agility in any situation.

He was even able to occupy his mind with many problems at the same time, a characteristic that made many of his children envious.

It was how many of them hoped to take his place, and in turn take the merits that were achieved by their father for many, many years to come.

Below we explain a Yoruba pataki of Eshu and Olodumare, where we will explain how Eshu saved the supreme god from the greed of all his children.

Patakí Yoruba from the time when Olodumare’s sons wanted to take his place.

Looking for a way in which they could take their father’s place and all that he has achieved, they rushed to find a way in which they could achieve it.

After some thought, they realised that the mice would be the key to Olodumare’s destruction.

For if he managed to scare him, he would flee immediately, or in the best case scenario for him, he could lose his life due to a heart attack.

After finishing all the details of such an evil plan, the orishas showed up with cages full of mice and began to spread out all over the thing where Olodumare would be.

They then proceeded to summon Olodumare with the excuse of dealing with a matter of the utmost importance, which could not be overlooked.

On the arrival of their father, all the Orishas began to release all the mice from their cages.

Only Eshu protected his father from the wickedness and greed of his sons.

Eshu watched everything that was happening to his father Olodumare at that moment, and feared for his life.

So she pounced on him in order to calm his fear, expressing to him that no mouse could harm him at any time.

Eleggua began to chase the mice and one by one he ate them with a ferocious hunger, and that is how he left the house free of these pests.

And so it was that together, Eshu and Olodumare were able to overcome the evil, Olodumare very upset turned all this panic into anger and demanded to know who was responsible for such a heinous event.

In this way he brought each of his sons out of the hiding place where they were hiding, and to each of them he applied a severe punishment that corresponded to the degree of their deeds.

Olodumare and Eshu managed to overcome evil with the help of Eleggua.

Olodumare sent for the orisha Eleggua, and when he was in his presence he asked him what he wanted as a reward for his bravery.

Eleggua replied: «I don’t need any reward for my bravery, for saving my father’s life is more than enough.

Olodumare listened with full attention to his son’s words, and so he gratefully thanked him.

On the other hand, Eshu said that he wished to have free will over all his actions, with no limits or restrictions on his desires; a request that was granted without any problem.

It is worth mentioning that Olodumare is the supreme debt of the Yoruba pantheon, which means that he is unique and irreplaceable.

This means that no other Orisha could take over his office, or even think that he could perform in his position without the result being complete chaos.

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