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Eshu-Eleggua is one of many deities in the Yoruba religion, respected and feared by his faithful and most devout followers and is the one who rules over the manifestations of the malevolent in this world.

There is no religious person who does not express the importance of knowing how to take care of Eshu, and that in order for the benevolent to manifest itself, we must change with evil in mind, and take precautions to avoid it.


We should keep in mind that Eshu represents misfortunes, when we are not in tune or balance with everything around us.

The Yoruba patakies tell that Eshu-Eleggua is always cheating, also cheating Orisha and men alike.

  • Important note: Eshu-Eleggua is the exclusive power of the babalawos, they carry it, deliver it and also consecrate it by means of multiple elements given by nature itself.

In the practice of ifa, Eshu are made in many ways, of course, it all depends on your way, for example, materials such as cement, wood, cedar, ayua, ebony and many others are used…

It is worth mentioning that all these representations are made with a hollow inside, since inside they are full of secrets; they are also decorated with shells, feathers and bowls, all depending on the religious path of the deity.

Eshu and Eleggua Different deities, different powers! 

Eshu-Eleggua is a particular and interesting representation of the Yoruba religion, we can call it that constant link between everything positive and negative, that action-reaction.

There is no problem without an answer, there is no crisis without a solution, this is how this pair of different energies manifests itself.

It is well said that when a home is protected, it is because Eleggua is present in it, but when there is trouble, Eshu has entered, for his aim is to bring chaos and then there is balance.

Who exactly is Eshu-Eleggua? Balance of more energies 

Eshu-Eleggua is a deity and usually comes to us represented by a cement head, whose eyes, ears and mouth are represented by snails or also known as cauris.

Most of the Oshas and also Orishas are accompanied by a specific Eshu, which as we mentioned before, is the way to keep the balance.

Eleggua is the first protection of any person, he is an Osha, he is the power of the oloshas and he is the guide, the one who opens the paths and he is symbolised by an ota.

He lives behind the doors of our homes, and it is necessary to count on his help in the different situations of our lives.

However, the issue of receiving Eshu-Eleggua as a single deity is a hotly debated topic in the religion, one that is answered with the help of multiple patakis.

However, the conclusion indicates that Eleggua is a deity, a divinity, while Eshu is an entity that is part of the Yoruba religion.c

Pataki on the birth of Eshu-Eleggua, the deity of evil and misfortune! 

The pataki tells that Orula and his wife desperately wanted to have a son, but could not, so they turned to the great father Obbatala to help them in this task.

Obbatala asked them to be patient at all times, as he was busy trying to create the men out of clay. The couple’s insistence was so great that the great Orisha gave them the figure he was creating.

So it was that Obbatala told them that they should lay their hands on the figure for exactly twelve months, so that after the allotted time they would be able to bear the child they so desired.

After the deadline the child came to life, the couple decided to name the baby Eshu, when he was born they knew that the child was not normal, as he began to eat everything in his path.

The 201 roads sons of Orula 

One day, Eshu-Eleggua ate everything that existed on earth, including animals, plants and even stones, so boldly that he decided to go home to eat his poor parents.

But Orula had been warned by his oracle and also advised by his oracle to be that day with his machete in hand, so when eshu entered the house, he chased him while cutting him with his machete and from each piece a new Eshu was born, until he reached 201.

Tired of being chased and cut down by his father, Eshu stopped and proposed a deal to Orula; telling him that each of his parts would be a son to him, and that he could consult them when necessary.

The soothsayer agreed, but asked him to return everything he had eaten, so Eshu did so, leaving all things to take their place on earth again.

You know a little more about Eshu-Eleggua, and how this deity began his first steps on earth, and why he is the sole power of the babalawos.