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If you are going through difficult situations and have no idea how to be victorious, I recommend you to consult, work and give offerings to Eleggua.

To offer offerings you have to know the Orisha, you can show him your affection by giving him sweets, candies, coconuts, guavas which are his favourite and all kinds of fruits. 

When placing offerings to Eleggua you should say out loud what you want because the saint likes to listen to his children and devotees.

Besides, if you don’t have Eleggua there is no need to worry, you can also light a candle behind the door of your house asking for her help, and there you place the sweets or whatever you want to offer her so that she intercedes for your help. 

Offerings to Eleggua What is asked to this Orisha?

This Orisha is asked for health, to open the paths to find peace, development, evolution, abundance and wisdom. He is also asked to keep us away from everything bad and to help us overcome any difficulty in life. 

The Orisha is given the complaint of the one who did us wrong, but we never wish evil to anyone because this does not please him, it is good to ask for good things for the one who did us wrong as well as for ourselves, and the good gesture is what the Orisha appreciates the most. 

Offerings to Eleggua
Offerings to Eleggua

Where does Eleggua live? 

Eleggua usually lives behind the front door of the house, where his candles are placed, tobacco is smoked, and he is given a morforibale, and he can also be entertained with his favourite fruits and sweets.