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A prayer of Saint Lazarus with a lot of love and faith is all you need to keep any illness out of your way, and of course, he more than anyone else knows what that is.

Blessed Saint Lazarus, you who take care of our health, with your crooked feet that cause you pain, lame, leprous, who walk confined to those crutches, full of scabs and those dogs that lick your sores.

Prayer to Saint Lazarus
Prayer to Saint Lazarus

There is no doubt that you, blessed father Saint Lazarus, know much more about diseases than anyone else in this world.

For this reason, you are so merciful and healer of the sick, at the same time you are compassionate and also help at all times; you heal your children, you more than anyone else know that the love of the one who suffers, is much better than the one who smiles, that is why the prayer of Saint Lazarus is the chord for all.

If you find yourself going through a bad time and you think that nothing can help you, relax, a prayer of Saint Lazarus and a lot of faith is all you need to move forward.

Remember that he would never let any of his children go through such precarious situations as illnesses alone, for this reason today we have come to offer you a powerful prayer to Saint Lazarus.

Promises to blessed Lazarus must be kept

Although the humility and love of the mighty and blessed Saint Lazarus are immense, we must keep in mind that promises made in sickness must be respected and therefore fulfilled.

Even though his heart is big and pure, when we make a Saint Lazarus prayer it is important that we keep our promises, because this saint is haughty and likes that what is promised is fulfilled.

With the following prayer to Saint Lazarus that we bring to you, we should ask for faith, the intersection of Saint Lazarus and pray for our protection and that of our whole family.

With love and faith of the hands the powerful blanket of St. Lazarus prayer, will cover us and we can thus reach that state of serenity and health that we are looking for.

There is absolutely nothing in this world that cannot be achieved if we trust in ourselves, and in those divine forces that accompany us.

Below, we offer for you a powerful prayer of Saint Lazarus, which will deliver you from any evil and bad energies that may be upon you.

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Saint Lazarus prayer to cure illnesses and find health 

O blessed Saint Lazarus, you who are the guardian of the sick and the poor, and who have demonstrated the true power that God has given you to continue to help the most needy who walk this earthly plane.

You, who have been raised by Jesus Christ Himself, you of all people know the healing power that comes with and lives in the word of our Lord God.

At this hour and holy moment I pray for your help, that through your divine protection, you may take care of me and millions of others in these difficult times.

You more than anyone else know the true pain of all those who suffer; you who have known the pain of illness first hand, and who have been the one to stop it momentarily.

However, it was God who allowed you to come out of that bad moment, and to heal your body to begin your task of caring for the sick and most needy.

You offer them a new opportunity to heal their wounds, to heal their illnesses, and all this always with the help of a merciful God.

Today at this time, I ask you to keep the disease away from my body, my family and all those I love and value.

It allows our health to be ideal in these dreary, difficult times and protects us from those evil entities that express themselves in our body in the form of disease.

We know all your power and what you are truly capable of, touch our bodies with your healing hands and release all ailments, and hidden illnesses.

God has given you the power to heal, blessed Saint Lazarus, and I pray that you use it for all of us who need it at this time of such uncertainty.

Amen, and may it all be through your divine wisdom and will blessed Saint Lazarus.