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This prayer to Elegua is extremely powerful to open the paths, ask for protection and to keep away any kind of osogbo (bad energies) that may be in your way.

If you find yourself going through a difficult situation from which you cannot get out of, rest assured that with the help of this prayer to Elegua, you will be able to achieve the prosperity you desire.

Prayer to Elegua
Prayer to Elegua

Father Elegua, you who watch over the paths with your majestic light, watch over our paths in the clearest days and in the darkest nights.

Your eyes are always open to any situation, and nothing happens in this world without you noticing it; thus avoiding to protect us from any danger.

With this prayer to Elegua little giant, today I come to ask for your protection and that you honour me with your visit, filling my home with complete clarity and joy.

Please note that if you have not yet received Elegua, you have absolutely nothing to worry about.

We advise you to make this prayer to Elegua with a lit candle, just behind the front door of your home, remember that the important thing is the faith and love with which you make your requests.

Here is a prayer to Elegua to ward off any negativity that you think may be bothering you.

Prayer to Elegua Hear our petitions O Lord of roads and corners!

Give us your presence and protection Lord of the roads and corners, with your presence make my life always go the way you decide.

Through this prayer to Elegua, I ask that through your bright, all-seeing eyes from which no one escapes, you watch behind the door of my home and corners to catch any dangers and bad energies.

Father Elegua, you are fair, clever, intelligent, playful and sensitive, the same characteristics you share with all children living in this world.

We know you will go and what you are capable of when you are offended, you resent your children singing and whistling in your presence, you can be so good and you are very good at being bad.

With this prayer to Elegua we are asking for any obstacles in our way to be removed, negative energies eliminated and protection always for our life and the lives of our loved ones.

Prayer to Elegua for protection

With the help of your guava stick doodle you go around the world fulfilling the promises to your children and faithful devotees, because you are 21 gods at the same time.

You are on every road, in the loneliest places in every world that no human would want to visit and behind doors in millions of homes.

You are very young but at the same time also old, smoking your favourite tobacco with your hat and red clothes that is so meaningful, and makes us feel at ease in your presence.

Through this prayer to Elegua we ask for your complete trust and help, you who are the messenger of the gods help me to avert any danger that may exist.

Baba, you are the one who locks and unlocks the paths and you are the owner of all the keys of the world, even the key to our destiny.

You who are present in all births and deaths, towards the end and also the beginning of everything; I beg you not to close the doors to us with this prayer to you, Elegua.