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No matter how big the problem you are currently going through, leave everything in the hands of the Queen of the Egguns Oyá, ask for her help and attention with the help of this powerful prayer to Oyá.

To Oyá Yanza, mother, warrior and tireless powerful, we call upon her and ask for her help in difficult times, those full of anguish where we run great dangers.

In these dark times when mankind is going through wars, diseases and conflicts around the world, the faithful turn to the powerful queen of the cemetery, asking for her help and her immense protection.

This orisha lives at the door of the cemeteries and represents the intensity of dark and gloomy feelings, the world of the dead in the Yoruba Pantheon.

Oya is also considered to be the goddess of clairvoyance, and therefore possesses great psychic abilities.

So he can observe in detail the evil that we are facing in all its dimension, so through this beautiful gift he can guide us to defeat it, do it through this prayer to Oyá.

  • Oyá Yanza is characterised by her great power over the Egguns (spirits), as she is the mother of 9 of them and can drive away negative and vengeful spirits from her children and faithful devotees.

In addition to this, she is also in charge of offering quick changes and helps us in our internal as well as external changes, so we must rely on her powers if we want to change for the better, all those difficulties we face.

How should we pray to the Orisha Oyá Yansa, mother of Egguns?

Oyá should be prayed to with confidence and strength, so that the warrior goddess will help us as if she were a mother with her child.

The Orisha of the sparkle and of the strong and hurricane winds, can and will give us her immense protection against all the dangers that beset us, and can drive away our enemies.

Before proceeding with the prayer to Oyá, we must ask with great faith, courage and wisdom to succeed in moving forward and in turn to protect us, in times of pain and need, to open any obstacle and natural phenomena.

Simple offerings that can be accompanied by prayer to Oyá

  • Aubergines «Your favourite fruit» Eggplants
  • Alcoholic beverages such as grape wine and rum
  • Fruits such as grapes
  • Walnuts
  • Rooster, hen and also fish
  • Spicy foods

It is also good to offer him red roses, in relation to the love he feels for the Orisha of fire, Shangó, and he also likes azaleas.

Remember to light a white candle, or whatever colour you have in your home at the time, except black of course, choose a quiet, secluded spot in your home, where you will begin to pray with great faith.

Prayer to Oyá Yanza
Oyá Yanza

Powerful prayer to Oyá for protection from obstacles and illnesses

To Oyá, lady of the sparkle, we ask for protection from the dangers of these times, and we dedicate this prayer to her so that she may intercede for us, Ashé:

Mother Yansa, warrior mother, mother of immense power! Hear me in these difficult times and give me protection, wisdom and peace.

Oyá queen of the sparkle, mother of Eggun, I ask you today to enlighten me in the midst of these crises, do not abandon your children to their fate, bless us with your wisdom and courage to avoid any evil and seek peace.

Oyá queen of the sepulchre, keep away from your children all the bad energies that swarm on this earth, allow peace, happiness and light to come to our paths.

Today I pray to you mother, to protect and help your children to change this world full of evils, endowed with your clairvoyance and strength.

So be it, great Orisha Mother, Oyá!

Mother of Sparkles
Mother of Sparkles