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When you feel that your body and spirit is the object of evil intent or your home is interfered with by people of ill will, or even evil intent, who will not allow you to progress.

You can ask for strength and rectification of all bad energy with the help of this prayer of St. Alexius.

Prayer of Saint Alexius
Prayer of Saint Alexius

You can be absolutely sure that with the help of much faith and love, as well as the presence of St. Alexius in your life, you will never be alone and you will never feel lonely again.

Next, we will show you an effective prayer of San Alejo to remove any evil that disturbs your well-being and progress, repeat these words with much love and you will notice your presence.

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Prayer of St. Alexius Cleanse your being with these powerful words!

My glorious blessed Saint Alexius, first king of Alexandria, never leave me alone neither night nor day; likewise this day I ask you to watch over me and keep away from me anyone who proceeds in bad faith against me.

With this prayer of Saint Alexius we will ask this powerful saint to free us from the power of the devil, bad people, ferocious animals and also witches and sorcerers.

Saint Alexius, Saint Alexius, Saint Alexius, I will call you three times, as many times as I can, to free my being and soul from any evil.

Today I offer you the cross, which is the sign of a good Christian, to punish the criminal hand that only seeks to do evil.

And that villain who only wishes to do evil to this humble body, likewise also with this prayer of St. Alexius you shall hold the tongue of him who speaks evil of me.

Today I ask you, Saint Alexius, not to abandon the surroundings of my gaze and all that is at the foot of me and is my duty.

Amen Jesus, Amen mighty St. Alexius.

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Prayer of St. Alexius: Request to drive away all that is evil

Blessed Father Saint Alexius of Leon, my enemies in the world, whether they be of sea or mountain, if any person wishes to do me any harm, may God grant that his heart may be softened and he may come humbly before me.

Just as Jesus came to the foot of the cross, keep in mind that what is important in this prayer is the devotion with which our words come out of our mouths.

When performing this prayer of St. Alexius, you will have to make 5 created prayers to St. Alexius, three salves to the three crosses to be made when performing this prayer and you will have to say these words:

  • «One, two, three for San Alejo».

Reminder: With this powerful prayer of St. Alexius, you will be able to drive away from your body and soul any kind of envy, drive away all hidden enemies, drive away curses and also hypocrisy. Saint Alexius is known to be a merciful saint who listens to the prayers of his devotees, of course, when it comes from the heart and with great faith.