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To know the characteristics of the sons of Oyá, we must begin by telling you that of all the Orishas that make up the Yoruba pantheon, Oyá Yansa is considered one of the most important crowns within the religion.

Therefore, in order to know more about this powerful Orisha and her worship, we must begin by talking about what the children of Oyá are like and what their characteristics are.

Characteristics of Oyá’s children

Oyá in the Yoruba pantheon is the queen and sovereign of the winds and whirlwinds, and is thus known by the name Yansa or «Mother of Nine» because she is the mother of 9 spirits and rules the Egguns.

It is really known for being the favourite of the Orisha Shangó, owner of the cemetery and all the secrets that make it up; its winds help to maintain life, after the fresh waters of Oshun and the salty waters of Yemayá have given life.

It is due to the powerful winds of Oyá that the pollen is transported from one plant to another, totally unique and different, and it is she who offers us the sight of life.

Imagine then what the children of Oyá would be like, who thanks to their mother get the right amount of oxygen in the air to keep us alive.

Oyá is also known to be extremely impulsive, the whirlwind or the deafening and devastating gust of wind; she can be very violent when she wants to be.

She is accompanied by Obba and Yewá, known as the muerteras and always looking after the cemetery and all the souls that make up the cemetery.

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Characteristics of Oyá’s children: Known as the owner of the cemetery and its secrets.

The sons of Oyá are known among all the other sons of orishas as having similarities to the goddess in that they possess an indomitable spirit with a highly creative, but fierce, soul.

It is worth noting that when it comes to love, they tend to leave everything aside and lose everything, just to follow what they long for and desire.

They are considered generous and self-confident people, they know the value of true friendship, because just like the goddess, the children of Oyá place great value on fidelity.

The sons (Omo) of Oyá protect to the hilt what is important to them, they defend with total efficiency and determination those they truly love.

In Santeria or Regla de Osha, those religious people who have crowned Oyá know how to recognise his strength, but at the same time they are very loving, strong and brave in any situation.

On the other hand, we should mention that the children of Oyá do not tolerate betrayal, since for them it means ending any relationship, whether it be love, friendship or even family.

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The sons of Oyá possess the incredible determination of a gust of wind.

The children of Oyá also stand out among the others for being reserved and very calm, but if disturbed, they unleash a fury as strong as the winds of a hurricane.

Thus, just like what is represented by seeing their mother being distinguished, the children of Oyá love freedom and hate with all their hearts to be locked up or to stay still for too long in one place.

There is no doubt that monotony and routine are not something they like, and when it comes to challenges or fun they will always be present at all costs.

Meet Oyá Yansa’s children in love

When it comes to love, Oyá’s children are known for being extremely jealous of their partners and strictly faithful.

When it comes to love, they are very temperamental, they do not allow betrayal at all, especially when it comes to Oyá’s daughters, who expect the same love from their partner that they usually offer.

They are capricious and vain as well as sensual and with born intelligence, reckless just like their mother, characteristics that enchant everyone around them.

In general, then, we can say that the children of Oyá are very curious and observant like no other, and sincerity with them is important, which is why they love to be talked to about anything without any fear whatsoever.

The Omo Oyá and their most desired feature in the Yoruba religion

Those children of Oyá who are born with this gift and guided by capable hands, develop a gift that is desired by many of the devotees of the Yoruba Religion.

The well-known clairvoyance, which in spite of much desire to have it, few can actually develop it; in them dwells a powerful spiritual force which in many other cultures is known as «The Third Eye».

So it is that the children of Oyá are known to possess excellent spirituality, and excellent sensitivity when it comes to occult things.

We hope that this small compilation of the characteristics that the sons or daughters of Oyá possess, have been to your complete liking.

You should bear in mind that this is not a generality, let alone a rule for when dealing with the children of Oyá.

Each and every one of these characteristics presented here is present to a greater or lesser extent and should always be taken into account according to your lifestyle.