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Obbatalá is another of the deities that make up the pantheon of the Yoruba Religion, this is an Orisha that belongs to the other Oshas of cabeceras; which means that they are crowned when some people «become saints» or children of Obbatalá.

We must bear in mind that Obbatalá is not only at the head of the Orisha, but he is also the major deity, the father, the one who rules over all the other heads on earth.

Sons of Obbatala

Such is his importance in the Regla de Osha that today we will tell you about the characteristics of the sons of Obbatala, and how this powerful Orisha was transformed into divinity due to his actions.

When he existed in life he was known as the king of the Igbo, an ancient Yoruba pataki tells how Obbatalá accompanied the Supreme Creator Olofin when he came down to earth.

In addition to this, he was given the task of moulding the bodies of men in clay, to whom Olofin gave the breath of life.

As for its celebration, its faithful devotees celebrate it on the 24th of September, since in syncretism we can find it with the Virgen de las Mercedes.

Next in this article, we will tell you about the characteristics of the sons of Obbatalá, and all those qualities that revolve around them.

What are the sons of Obbatala like? The virtue of wearing Baba’s crown on their head

To be part of the children of Obbatalá should be a reason for joy and happiness, remember that this Orisha is very powerful and is the sculptor of the human being; moreover, he can change all our destiny for the better.

It is worth mentioning that when the Regla de Osha talks about being children of some of the Orisha, it means that this deity will be the guide in the life of this religious person.

So when a person is consecrated or «Becomes a Saint», on his head goes the crown of this deity, i.e. the protection of this Saint, therefore he would become part of the children of Obbatala.

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Qualities possessed by the sons of Obbatalá

Those who have Obbatalá as their guardian angel tend to be analytical, intelligent, reserved and with a balanced judgement; characteristics that make them very stubborn.

What are the characteristics of Obbatala's children?
What are the characteristics of Obbatala’s children?

The Omo Obbatalá have an extremely strong character, for this reason it is well known that they are stubborn people, generally dedicated to intellectual work, which is why they are writers or artists.

Thanks to the tenacity that has accompanied them from the day of their birth, Obbatalá’s children do not regret their decisions because of their tenacity.

Because Obbatalá is the ruler of the heads and also the master of thought, one of the main characteristics of Obbatalá’s children is the great intelligence they possess.

Obbatala’s children, their great intelligence and huge heart

Obbatalá’s children are known for having a great paternal or maternal instinct, their great tenacity makes them highly obstinate people.

On the other hand, the Omo Obbatalá tend to be a little shaky when it comes to love, and because of this their home can be seriously affected when unpleasantness arises, and all this due to lack of communication.

The sons of Obbatalá believe that the family is the fundamental basis of everything, which is why their motto is as follows:

  • Caring for all that our father has given us 

Generally, the characteristics of Obbatalá’s children are centred on their reserved and quiet personality; they are humble, respectful, prudent and of excellent moral aptitude.

Some advice for Obbatala’s children

When Obbatalá’s children become disharmonious and lose their way, and disregard the prohibitions or fail to fulfil the requirements assigned to them for their salvation, they are affected by problems of alcoholism and physical deterioration.

Obbatalá promises his children that if they follow the path of respect and humility, it will bring them great prosperity, health and good luck in matters of love.

It is of utmost importance that the children of Obbatala do not sin through lack of humility, for through arrogance they will not be able to be great people in this world.

We must remember that Obbatalá likes the colour white very much, as well as liking the colour dark, so Obbatalá’s children are advised to cover him with a cloth to cover them from the light.

What do you think of this article dedicated to the sons of Obbatalá? Undoubtedly an Orisha who presents serenity and intelligence.