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Oggún in the Yoruba Religion is another of the orishas that form part of the venerated Yoruba pantheon, he represents strength, work and fortitude; today we will show you some of the characteristics of the sons of Oggún.

Known as the owner of metals, iron, tools and chains, his name comes from the Yoruba (War) Oggún, he is regarded as the guardian of humans and watchman of wars.

As for its favourite colours we must say that they are green, black and reddish purple, in nature we can see it symbolised in iron and other metals.

In addition to this, Oggún is the owner of the mountain together with Oshosi and of the roads together with Eleggua, he is attended on Tuesdays and his number is 3 and its multiples.

On the other hand, in syncretism, we can find Oggún as San Pedro; meet the sons of Oggún and all those characteristics that make them so special.

Oggún ruler of wars, we venerate you with this powerful prayer

Oke Oggún! Oggún Kobú Kobú Aguanilé! Prayer that all Oggún’s children and faithful devotees should know, to please the god of metals and watchman of the wars that scourge the world.

Father of all hunters who dwell in the world and holy righteous one, a hunter who does not sell me and all other children of the earth; give me a way that is good, and with the help of your arrow turn away all evil that comes to me.

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What does it mean to be part of the children of Oggún?

In the Regla de Osha, to be part of the children of Oggún, are those people who first consecrate themselves in the Yoruba Religion.

This process is called «Becoming a Saint», and this person has this powerful and sacred Orisha as his guardian angel.

Below, we have grouped together for you a number of characteristics that define those religious people who have the good fortune to call themselves sons of Oggún.

The sons of Oggún are known to be strong-tempered, possessive and impulsive, but they are also easy-going, humble, passionate and have excellent leadership qualities.

Their area of work is anything involving manual labour, they tend to be highly independent and do not like the idea of someone wanting to dominate them.

Generally, Oggún’s children are known as spiteful people, they do not regret their actions, as they are very clear that this is what they wanted to do at the time.

They do not forgive offences and distinguish themselves from others by defending their opinion and point of view on everything, they are unpredictable by nature and tend to be stubborn and impose their way of being.

Oggún’s children are loyal, sincere, noble and protective people.

Omo (sons) of Oggún tend to face situations head on and let nothing go unnoticed, but they are also often sensitive when it comes to criticism.

When it comes to morality and loyalty, they have a high sense, they like actions to be carried out by rules and tend to be kind and sincere to the people around them.

If Oggún’s children set out to accomplish a task, they complete it at all costs, with a lot of optimism and without abandoning their projects.

They know how to cope with the difficulties they face, as their self-confidence gives them the clarity to overcome any situation.

What do you think about the characteristics that the children of Oggún possess? There is no doubt that the children of this Orisha are pure of heart and with great traits.