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On the 7th of September every year all the sons of Yemayá and daughters of Yemayá must go to the sea, thus honouring their mother and Yoruba goddess of all the seas that make up the earth.

On that day you can go to her with many offerings of your liking, talk to her about your life, the joys and sorrows that make it up.

Yemayá is known to be the owner of the sea and all its secrets, the protector, the one who takes care of the wombs, the Orisha who dances on the blue waves of the great salty seas of the world.

She is also the mother of all the men and women of the world who provides life and abundance in her wake, that is Yemayá the mother of the world.

It is well known that the children of Yemaya dress in blue on her day, honouring her by going to the sea and bringing their favourite offerings with them, even to her waters.

Children of Yemaya
Children of Yemaya

The daughters of Yemayá are characterised by their seriousness towards any stranger, they can be very sociable when sharing time with their acquaintances.

But they must first feel secure and wait for trust to become part of the relationship they are creating, otherwise they close off completely.

Besides this, Yemayá’s two sons are people we can always count on, and they will help you in any situation because kindness and solidarity are part of their personality.

Do you want to know much more about the children of Yemayá? Below we have put together everything you need to know about them.

What are the children of Yemayá like? Get to know their most common characteristics

If you want to know more about what Yemayá’s children are like, here are some of their defining qualities.

Highly respectful

When talking about what Yemayá’s children are like, we can observe that their respect for their elders stands out above all else; they are always very attentive to their children, as they are very paternal.

Yemayá’s daughters recognise that experience must be respected above all else, and therefore always listen to those with the greatest wisdom.

Social and charismatic

They are extremely attentive to the people around them, they will always come to your presence with a smile to ask about your family and the health of each one of them, they are very concerned and exude confidence.

It is common that when the daughters of Yemayá take confidence they become part of your family, it is that brother or sister that we never had, because their friendship is unconditional.

Determined in matters of love

Yemayá’s children are not ones to turn over when it comes to their hearts, their decision to close a page you can be sure they will never look back, all thanks to their great determination when it comes to making a decision.

Although this decision causes them great pain and they feel that life is falling apart, they try to stay strong and manage to overcome the obstacles in front of them.

On the other hand, when Yemayá’s daughters are interested in a person, they will try at all costs and in every possible way to get them to notice them.

They fight so hard for the attention of their loved one that it is very difficult for them not to get their way when it comes to love.

Clear vision and determination

The sons of Yemayá and daughters of Yemayá possess the gift of divination, just like Yemayá herself; they have a clear vision of future events and all that might happen.

It is worth noting that many people consult with the sons of Yemayá, as they are not only excellent friends, but also very good listeners and good at giving advice, without a doubt the best.

They make their feelings clear

The sons of Yemayá, especially the men, never try to pretend or hide something that is not really true, they are very authentic and do not hide at all what they really are and what they represent.

They are often mysterious people because they keep their secrets deep inside, they do not like outsiders to know about their lives and you will have to gain their trust if you want to call the sons of Yemayá your friend.

They are brave and vengeful c

The daughters of Yemayá like everything that is good, the luxury and the comforts that come with it, because they are related to the riches that Yemayá possesses at the bottom of the seas.

Because they are hard workers, leaders and whimsical people they get everything they want, they are able to create a very comfortable life as they like it and surround themselves with their own luxuries.

On many occasions, the sons of Yemayá and daughters of Yemayá become angry as well as their mother’s irascible waters, when they are upset it is better to let their anger subside, otherwise we may provoke their anger and make the whole situation worse.

They have a strong attraction to the sea and its secrets.

The children of the goddess of the seas and as expected, they are extremely attracted to the sea and the blue of its waters.

So much is their attraction to the sea that they cannot spend much time away from it without being tempted to contemplate it or take a quick dip.

This brings them closer to their mother guide and consoles them in bad times and washes them of all evil, there is no doubt that knowing what Yemayá’s children are like is a hard task.

Children of Yemaya
Children of Yemaya

How do you know if you are a child of Yemayá?

Many people are drawn to and identify spiritually with the Yoruba sea goddess Yemayá, because of her strong connection to the seas or because they recognise her qualities with the mother of the world.

We must bear in mind that it would be best to go to a Babalawo, as he is the only one who will be able to tell you who your guardian angel is through a ceremony.

This ceremony is known as Awofakan in the case of men and Ikofafun in the case of women, or also very well known nowadays as the «Hand of Orula«.

Prohibitions of the sons of Yemayá that you should know about

Readers should be reminded that the specific restrictions for each of Yemayá’s children will be given at the time of the well known Ita de Osha and Ita de Orula.

The same restrictions will be dictated by the signs of the person’s house, but here are some prohibitions of the sons of Yemayá, which could come out in your sign.

  • Do not eat pumpkin 
  • Do not eat pork 
  • Respecting and caring for the sea 
  • Do not urinate or have sex at sea. 
  • Avoid eating seafood at all costs 
  • No comer berro 
  • Do not kill the ants 
  • Mice should not be killed, as Yemayá may present itself as one of them. 
  • Cockroaches must not be killed, among many other prohibitions…

You already know some of the most salient characteristics that the sons of Yemayá and daughters of Yemayá possess, as well as some of the prohibitions of the sons of Yemayá.