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Understanding the ñangareo is of utmost importance and even more so if you belong to the Yoruba religion, as it is carried out when consecrations of the Osha+Ifá Religion take place.

This ceremony is performed before the itá of an important sacrifice, as it is a way of paying moforibale, respect and reverence and giving thanks to Olorun (sun).

What is the Ñangareo The ceremony that honours Olorun.
What is the Ñangareo? The ceremony that honours Olorun.

Ñangareo or (Ina Ngare O) refers to appeasing and offering our thanks to the sun king, or more commonly known among religious people around the world as Olorun.

Going further into the subject of learning what ñangareo is, it is important to point out that Olorun had to do ebbó, because the men became his enemies, and that is why they wanted to eliminate him at all costs.

Why did Olorun have to perform this ebbó?

According to the Yoruba patakies, the sun came into conflict with human beings for the simple reason that it burned with its heat, and it was also displeased because it gave light and yet no one paid its respects, and each day that went by its enemies increased.

So it was that Orunmila, the great soothsayer and oracle of ifá, spoke to him and proposed to do a divination and through it they found out that he should do ebbó quickly.

So it was, Olorun carried out the marked ebbó following the wise words of ifá, and it was thanks to this that mankind began to respect him.

It is for this reason that when the sun is very strong nobody likes to go out, and this is due to the help that was offered to him by Orula and the ebbó that he performed.

What materials do you mark Olorun with to make this ebbó?

Among the materials to be used by Olorun, a jicara and red cloth are marked, both of which were to be offered to Eshu.

After the ebbó was done, the sun began to grow, to take strength and to move; it was thus established that when the sun made all its movements, and reached a point of culmination in the centre, everything should be hidden and nothing should be asked for.

For this reason, the ñangareo ceremony must take place very early in the morning, always before 12 noon, since at that time the sun’s rays strike the earth perpendicularly, are stronger and cause serious damage.

This is a key point in order to correctly understand what the ñangareo is, and its importance within the Yoruba religion and its customs.

What elements are used in the well-known ñangareo ceremony?

In this ceremony, the same materials are used that the sun used when he had to do ebbó: 

  • A jícara is used to pour Sara Oko, which is a refreshing drink used to implore the sun to appease itself. 
  • It should be covered with a red cloth and a basket or punch bowl on top.

To conclude and finish explaining what ñangareo is, this drink is usually prepared with milk, yellow flour, honey, cocoa butter, a little bit of husk, a prodigiosa leaf.

What is Ñangareo and its relationship with Olorun.
What is Ñangareo? and its relationship with Olorun.

It should be sung and also given coconut, giving knowledge of why it is being ñangareo, covered with the help of a red cloth and ready you can start with the itá.

And that’s it! With that we can say that we know exactly what the ñangareo is, remember that it seeks to honour the sun to receive all its blessings, protection and refreshment.

In addition to this, it is also intended that all participants of the ceremony start their day full of energy and radiated with great spirituality.