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A head rogation or also known as Kobori Eleda, in the Yoruba Religion is considered one of the most common Ebbos, which is used to refresh our Orí (Head).

Also to cleanse our astral and clear the ideas that are formed in our head, as we already mentioned, the Ori symbolises the head of a person in its most spiritual mode.

But not only this, it also links everything to do with luck and behaviour, in the determination of that individual.

On the other hand, we must also point out that Orí is an Orisha, and is in charge of ruling the destiny of each one of the people who inhabit the world, and is exclusive to each person.

In case you are wondering where is Ori located, you can find it in the upper part of our body, to be more precise in the crown of our head.

It is said that this would be the closest point to Oloddumare, and thanks to Ori we can connect with him and thus create such a connection.

If you want to know much more about what a head rogation is, here’s everything you need to know.

Benefits to an individual of receiving a spiritual head prayer

As we have already mentioned, a head rogation is directly linked to our being, and obviously to our head.

We show you the benefits that are obtained by receiving a head rogation, in case you think you need one, it is advisable to go to older santeros.

  • It offers soothing as well as enlightening purposes. 
  • Helps to get rid of insomnia and different types of conditions 
  • Clear our minds to be happier with our environment
  • It also allows us to cleanse ourselves, purify ourselves and helps our spiritual growth.

There are many benefits to be gained from having a head rogation, so when you are ordered to have one, don’t hesitate for a moment.

What is a head rogation for?

The head rogation is a ceremony whose main objective is to refresh our Ori in order to achieve and enhance our understanding.

In addition to understanding, reassurance and complete spiritual communication, when we pray our heads off, it is common to feel relieved and our world is reset.

You will notice that our inner world becomes a little purer, calmer, it is as if we purify our soul; the tranquillity and peace that one feels is totally magical and incomparable.

In addition, by means of a head prayer, we can create an undeniable connection with the energies of all our Orishas.

Note that it also helps to correctly link the behaviour of the person’s guardian angel and to establish his or her well-defined needs.

Kobori Eledá, the head rogation ceremony

In case you didn’t know, Kobori Eledá is the name given to the head rogation in the Yoruba language, and its name translates as follows:

  • Ko (You should) 
  • O (Who)
  • Bo (Sacrifice)
  • Orí (Orisha)
  • Eledá (Term used to identify our head) 

Therefore, we must say that when the head-prayer ceremony is performed, it is to sacrifice to this deity with the intention of getting much clearer thoughts.

The head prayer helps to establish the right communication with Ori, thus helping us to pray for clarity in the pursuit of our destiny.

It is also important that this process is only carried out by consecrated Santeros or Babalawos, and only at specific times such as: 

  • Necklace ceremonies (Elekes)
  • Receiving hand of Orula ikofá (Women) awofaca (Men) 
  • Kari Osha Ceremony (Becoming a Saint)
  • When an Orisha is received 
  • When flagged in a consultation 

When carrying out a consultation, the Osha or Orisha may ask you to perform a head rogation to clarify and refresh the person’s destiny.

Generally, when an Olorisha needs to beg its head, it is to make it cooler, so it can do so without any problem.

As you may have already noticed, a head prayer is extremely important in some aspects of the Yoruba Religion, as well as offering multiple benefits to any person.