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Olodumare is the representation of the almighty and supreme God in the Yoruba Religion; omnipotent and creator of all that exists his name means (Lord to whom goes our eternal destiny).

It is characterised by not being in direct contact with men, but through its form, Olorun (directly) or Olofin (indirectly). He does not sit, is not offered, and does not have necklaces. 

Olodumare Who is it?
Olodumare Who is it?

The Yorubas consider Olodumare to be the omnipotent supreme being and author of the destinies of every living thing on earth, father of all Orishas and of life itself.

We can all experience God’s presence in a different way and that is undeniable, which is why he has no emblems or any kind of sign to represent him. 

Furthermore, in the Ifa-Osha rule all the Orisha are considered ministers of Olodumare, but one of them (Obbatalá) is his closest son; considered as the direct intermediary between the human being and the supreme God, he is also the image and represents Olodumare on earth.

This saint is not associated with any kind of magic ritual; he can be invoked and communicated with, and he uses the most sacred and oldest magic of all times, «Prayer». 

Praying in the Yoruba religion is seen as a way of communing in peace with energy and with oneself. Prayer is the way to flow with everything around us and to express what is hidden in our heart and soul. 

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Names used to describe Olodumare

  • Eledá

Meaning creator, its name indicates that the supreme being is responsible for all creation. As well as all things on earth itself and the source of everything in this world. 

  • Alaayé

Considered as the vital and ever-living power by the Yoruba, eternal, it is said that he never died; it is for this reason that the people always say «A kí igbó Ikú» (We never hear of the death of Olodumare).

  • Elemií

Owner of life, it is said that all living things owe their existence to him; when Elemií takes the breath of a living being it dies. 

  • Olojo Oni 

The one who wins or controls the day.