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Many Yoruba patakies tell us about the link between the goddess Oshún and honey, and today we will tell you everything you need to know about it.

Oshún, the queen Orisha of the Yoruba religion, known as the goddess of rivers, love, sweetness and feelings, is also the owner of honey.

With her help she manages to seduce and charm even the most powerful of enemies, for she enchants with her sensual magic and powerful personality.

In the Yoruba pantheon, one of Oshún’s most powerful tools is undoubtedly bee honey, and this is manifested in many of the Yoruba stories or patakies.

It is no secret that the Yoruba patakies are truly beautiful stories of learning from beginning to end, each one of them speaks of morality and love.

Some patakies are narrated with characters that are often animals, who act and speak as only human beings would.

While others often involve animated objects, divinities and multiple elements of the mythology that is part of our beautiful Yoruba religion.

In one of these Yoruba patakies it is said that even Oshún met the Orisha Shangó, all on a drum and managed to seduce him with the help of honey.

It is also well known that it was she who brought Oggún out of the bush with the help of her seductive dances and the power of her nectar.

Another story tells us that Babalú ayé was resurrected by Olodumare, thanks to the tasty honey given to him by the beautiful Oshún.

Yoruba Patakies The 16 bees and the goddess of fresh waters Oshún! 

It is narrated through a Yoruba pataki that Olodumare sent 16 hard-working bees to the earth, each of whom was to come to the earth with his own skill and gift, to offer help to the humans who inhabited the earth.

Among all these bees was one by the name of Oshún, and before proceeding on his journey to earth Olodumare gathered them all together and gave them the order that he must respect Oshún.

Why honey belongs to Oshún patakies Yorubas
Why honey belongs to Oshún patakies Yorubas

Because she had a gift that was of utmost importance to the humans, their growth and their lives depended on such a gift, the Yoruba patakies tell us.

The order of the almighty god upset the bees and caused indignation among them, so much so that they became very envious of poor Oshún, mistreating her and excluding her from their daily tasks.

Oshún felt very bad that she was always left out and ignored, but instead of cursing or getting upset with her sisters, she never stopped blessing and sharing her Ashé.

There was a time when Oshún could not bear such an annoying situation, he stopped giving his precious Ashé, because of this the lands became infertile and nothing was prosperous or useful for anyone.

The words of Olodumare are sacred, they are the law of life and must be respected.  

Because of this situation the other bees decided to go to the foot of the soothsayer Orula, and when they proceeded to consult the great ifa oracle, he told them all the following:

  • Envy is a bad counsellor, they have let themselves be carried away by it and that is why the land is no longer profitable or productive. They have moved Oshún out of their way, which Olodumare asked them not to do, and they have failed in their task; now they must offer sacrifices to Oshún by collecting his honey, then they will serve it as the bees do with their queen in the honeycombs. 
Why honey belongs to Oshún This is what the Yoruba patakies tell us
Why honey belongs to Oshún This is what the Yoruba patakies tell us

The bees proceeded to obey Orula’s word, and as the soothsayer told them, they carried out their punishment honourably.

After all that had happened, Olodumare gave the beautiful Oshún a golden crown as a gift for behaving with dignity and humility in the face of the wickedness of others.

This is how the Yoruba patakies tell us that in each honeycomb there can only be one queen, and that is our beloved Oshún, whose honey makes everyone happy, opens our paths and sweetens the obstacles of life.

Important Tip: When you feel that your smile goes out and you do not see meaning in life, and your heart feels a great emptiness, put on your lips a little honey at the foot of Oshún or invoke her, you will see that this powerful ritual changes your day and straighten the course of your life.

What do you think of the Yoruba patakies and their important teachings? So you know, on your bad days tell your problems to the honey, Oshún will listen to you through it.